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Al Keegan 2 hr set + mixmaster lyons debut!

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    Huge thanks to anybody that made it down to the club last week, took a while but it really was a cracker of a night in the end! Also big thanks to Brian for rocking the place! Nice work my boy! This week we got chief clock beater Darragh Lyons or Lyonsy as he is better known down to play his debut alongside resident Al Keegan who will be finishing the night in fine style. Infamous for his enthusiasm Darragh will be warming things up with a mix ranging from tough electro to oldskool italo disco, expect anything from The warlords to Nitzer Ebb and then some. Following Darragh reasident Al Keegan takes over for a 2 hour haul of tough acii tracks. Expect anything from tough house, acid, electro and tech house all mixed in fine style.

    Being such nice people at Acii Disco headquarters we got guestlist available for anyone interested this week, simply mail [email protected] with your details!

    You can check out last weeks pics here –

    Plus you can now check out Acii Disco on bebo and My Space for regular updates on what’s going on in the club.

    To join pages with Acii Disco simply click here –

    Acii Disco –
    Every Saturday night at The HUB, Eustace st, Temple bar.
    House / Electro / Acid House
    Resident Al Keegan. Visuals by CoolHandLoop
    Doors 11. Adm e10 / e12

    Forthcoming – Jonathan Woods. Deadbots. Arveene. Philth