Boards Golf Society are looking for new members for about the society and their planned outings here!
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Magnum Force

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    Us on Myspace

    Us on PZAAZ

    Were just trying to get more members at the moment, but the material is on the sites in Demo form, with me doing everything (drums are programmed). im not a vocalist so dont bother critisize the quality of the singing. Normally, I share lead guitar with Shane (he's on as "ramfan5")

    Our Drummer has recently just F'ed off without trace so we're back a few steps now, but hopefully we'll get a new one soon, as well as the vocalist and bassist we've been looking for for months!

    We play Metal/Rock. Some songs are more Hard Rock some songs are more Classic Metal, some songs are more Power Metal, theres loads of influences so there are plently of different styles thrown into the mix, it depends on what sort of music ive been listening to most at the time of writing the song.

    Anything else you want to know, let me know and i'll tell ya, most info can be found on the sites above, plus some demo tracks. There's no songs available on because the file hosting site I was using decided to delete all my stuff and wont let me upload anything anymore! But theres some on Myspace and Pzaaz.

    Check us out!

    Adam Smith,
    Magnum Force