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Xbox Media Centre Internet Browser


  • No browser script for XBMC that I'm aware of.

    There is Linksbox which is available from the usual places
    Home page here

    Works OK and you can operate it with just the joypad.

  • Does anyone know off a full functional browser for the XBMC.

    I can't seem to find one :confused:

    There is an unsupported version of XBMC compiled with a linksbox browser (if you go to the linksbox webpage you'll see that he made the source code available for including linksbox as a plugin). The xbmc team are not interested in including it untill they've finished fixing loads of bugs and adding the features that they want. There's quite a lot of controversy about the fact that a few people went off and compiled their own linksbox versions and that's why you have to look really hard to find it. I'd like to try it sometime as I have a keyboard adapter thingy and linksbox on its own is not bad.

  • Damn Small Linux has a recent version of firefox, complete with onscreen kb