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The Phoenix Challenge

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    Ok folks tell me everything I need to know.

    Remember I am a Girl Guide, I know very little about this, the Melvin or the Smyth. I know the general gyst. I need to know more. Give me details, stories, pranks, everything.:)


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    Right here goes

    The Phoenix is a competition which "rises out of the ashes of the Melvin and Symthe" competitions of old

    Basically its a 4 day competition for patrols of 6 to 8 scouts. Points are given for:
    Campcraft- tents, table, fire, test meal etc
    Bases- a series of activities testing skills, teamwork, leadership
    Logbook- you have to write a logbook
    Campfire- each patrol has to do a sketch

    It happens every august. Last year it was in Limerick, this year its Down

    Hope that helps

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    The Smythe was always one of the best weekends ever. I hospitalised my patrol leader (accidentally of course), got our site mocked by the local media cos it was falling down, while all the other patrols were perfect, got causght twice in one night by security, in the tent of the Dunboyne scouts, got my picture in the Scout Magazine...aw the memories!

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    This year the 13th Rathfarnham will be representing Three Rock County after winning the County Cup 4 times the last 5 years (3 in a row!!!)
    I.o.w. watch out, the 13th is coming.
    And we will win!!!

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    I am a scout in my local scout group and I am looking to do the phoenix challenge next summer. I am being asked to do work in my spare time but don't know what to do exactly. Could anyone be able to tell me what I should learn or practice to have a chance to win.any reply would be appreciated.

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    Hi Jimmy.
    First thing you have to do to go to Phoenix is to qualify through your Scout County Camp. Depending on the size of your scout county camp a certain number of Phoenix places will be awarded (up to 6 I think). So if your patrol enters Shield Competition and finishes in the top places you will qualify to go to Limerick this summer.
    If your patrol doesn't want to enter County Camp at Shield level then you can see if a neighbouring patrol have a space available. 3 scouts from my group joined forces with another patrol and qualified last year and came home from Phoenix with a Gold Standard. Very proud i was!

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