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Neighbours trivia - question needing an answer

  • 03-03-2006 6:18pm
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    Okay - this is a bit of an obscure one...

    Does anyone remember Lou Carpenter's wife Sheryl? Remember how she was on holiday and was kidnapped and held hostage for months and while away fell in love with a fellow captive, but she came back and ended up being killed off when she was run over? Sheryl also flipped when her Lou became Major or something and Helen Danials was comissioned to do a painting of Lou but she made it really "advant guard" and cubist and Sheryl very publicly denounced it?

    I'm just jogging your memories here. What I want to know is if anyone remember's Sheryl's mother Marlene? I think Marlene was also granmother to Sheryls two grown-up kids - and one of them had diabetes but everyone thought she was doing drugs. This was in addition to Lolly, the Kid Sheryl had with Lou. I don't think Marlene did much except move in next door to Sheryl and Lou. No wait, that's not entirely true - remember when Dr Kennedy started playing tricks on Marlene by leaving a load of little knomes about the place around Marlene's house and garden, driving her mad? And how it was a big mystery as to who was leaving them about until Dr Kennedy turned out to be the culprit?

    Well what I want to know is if anyone remembers what happened to Marlene? I watched neighbours regularly until nearly a year after Marlene met up with some auld-fellah and fell in love. It all happened very quickly and shortly after meeting he proposed to her and they went on this cruise around the world like old people seem to do. The big mystery is THEY NEVER CAME BACK!

    Like I watched that show solidly for about nine months after Marlene went on the cruise and it was never mentioned what happened to her (that, or I missed whatever episode it was where Marlene wrote to say she decided not to come back and to settle down in Queensland along with all the former neighbours characters). I'm pretty sure round-the-world cruises don't take nine months and even though I stopped watching it after that I'm quite confident she didn't come back after I stopped watching it.

    If anyone can shed any light on this please do....


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    Character: Marlene Kratz
    Actor: Moya o'Sullivan
    Long-lost daughter.
    Now, Marlene lived in our street during my lost years in Tasmania but I have been able to glean a few impressions. She originally came in an effort to re-establish contact with her long-lost daughter, Cheryl Stark. Marlene had left when Cheryl was 11. She bought number 24 without even seeing it, just so she could be near Cheryl.
    Bitter struggle
    Cheryl, convinced that Marlene had abandoned her out of pure selfishness, wanted nothing to do with a reconciliation and it was quite a bitter struggle for Marlene to find a place in her daughter’s heart. The breakthrough finally came when she showed Cheryl a small mountain of letter, cards and gifts that she had sent over the years, only to have them returned by Cheryl’s father (who brought her up).
    Common sense and forgiveness prevailed in the end and they went on to have quite a close relationship before Cheryl’s untimely death. Then Marlene went off to make tourist videos in Sligo, Ireland.

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    Or the real answer........

    Marlene Kratz left to go on an apparent "three month" cruise, which has so far lasted a staggering seven years! It was later revealed in The Official Neighbours Book that Marlene didn't return because she married that captain of the cruise ship. In 2005, Marlene made a cameo appearance in Annalise's 20th Anniversary Documentary.

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    Deadly - the fact that Marlene never returned without explanation is exactly the type of thing that makes me love Neighbours more and more.

    Given the fact that she went on the cruise with that auld fellah she met I find it quite surprising that she should end up marrying the captain of the cruise ship...

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    Ah Lou Carpenter, what a fat headed f**k, hate him. Would love to see Alf Stewart kick his ass, if there was a crossover of soaps you understand...........

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    BolBill wrote:
    Ah Lou Carpenter, what a fat headed f**k, hate him. Would love to see Alf Stewart kick his ass, if there was a crossover of soaps you understand...........

    Lou carpenter would kick Alf Stewarts ass all the way to yabbi creek and back!

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    Horse ****, Alf Stewart would tear Lou Carpenter apart, and as for that Harold Bishop pussy, Alf would take him in his sleep. Alf's a hard bastard.
    This gives me a good idea!

    Other H&A vs. Neighbours battles:
    Flynn vs Dr Kennedy - If Flynn didnt have cancer he would destroy him!
    Scott vs Toadie - Could be an interesting fight, Toadie has the weight advantage, and a history in wrestling, but I reckon Scott would take him.
    Robbie vs Conor - Who cares, theyre both fags!
    One of the new copper guys in H&A vs Stewart - Ill give this one to Stu
    Sally vs Susan - This one could be a real war of attrition, tough to call
    Amanda vs Izzy - THat would just be fun to watch
    Tash vs Skye - Skye all the way, poor Tash would break in two
    Irene vs Lynn - Irene is a loose cannon, she would pull the ridiculous hair out of Lynns head.
    Hayley vs Steph - Two pregnant women.....could get messy!

    Im so bored!

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    Apparently Marlene rang someone on the street to say she was marrying the captain and wasn't coming back- but no one seems to remember that.