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The Media Resources Biki Page

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    I have taken the liberty of creating a Media Resource page amongst the Boards Wiki; the intention is that this will replace the old Media Resource thread which, in my opinion is extremely limited in it's format etc.

    The link is here; feel free to add information you have at your disposal (especially those of you who have the Irish Media Contacts Directory). I put in an example of each topic on the page and hope to fatten it up over time, and fingers crossed everyone else will get involved too.

    If anyone knows their way around the wiki more than me (and most people do), feel free to alter the extremely basic template I've used in order to make the "UI" more user friendly.

    Any comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment here; If you think there should be an extra category on top of the existing (Print, Radio, TV, Online News, News & Media Blogs), perhaps suggesting them here first would be the best thing to do. Once the whole page is fattened up it will replace the Media Resources page completely, until then it will be put alongside it as a sticky.


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