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Neon Sun Disorder

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    Hey there!

    Musicians love to hear feedback from other musicians about their music material and I'm one of them!
    I've just uploaded another song from my bands (a drummer and I) self - entitled album and would be delighted to hear what other musicians have to say!

    Our inspirations vary from Neurosis, Converge and Tool to Sigur Ros, Nick Cave and Will Oldham...

    The description of the song is as follows :

    " 'Libertyne' is a fine example of Neon Sun Disorder’s ability to adopt different styles within the rock genre to more accurately express a particular mood or emotion. The fluidity of the drumming, subtle guitar changes and heavy, expansive vocals help create a sense of threat or unease. The song takes many different turns, holding back the energy it has created so that when it is released the effect is more potent."

    Log onto the website ( and find your way from there!
    Thanks to anyone that's bothered,


  • alas i dont have time to give proper feedback, but i will say that i did listen to Libertyne. its very odd, at times it seems like there are 2 songs being played over each other, but not necessarily in a bad way. its nice to see someone trying something different tho, kudos for that; and that song is pretty good.

    i'd like to hear the whole album; congrats, you've nabbed my attention :D