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FON: a right to wifi?

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    not rights in the sense that i mostly rabbit on about here, but...

    ...just in case anybody didnt notice the news about FON today, the initiative is well worth checking out. A 'for the people, by the people' scheme to create global wifi access by letting people share wifi access points around the globe.

    join now and you get a cheap (25 yoyo) wifi router...


  • ...ah...i see Antoin Ó Lachtnain is ireland's fonero-in-chief...and is probably one of the people posting here too...ah...i'll get me coat.

  • Yeah, FON is an ok initiative.

    You do realise that WiFi is an unlicensed frequency?

    What will become apparent is that the CE sign we need on all electronic kit in the EU is significantly less powerful that the kit or equipment used in the USA. So it depletes users experience of the WiFi spectrum. There can be a lot of interference etc using unlicensed RF - Radio Frequency, bands.

    So vested interests in GSM, 3G might have stymied this potential growth area.

    An Irish company called cicero networks are leading the way on dual mode telephony (sic).

    For the people, by the people is admirable. People generally become greedy, thus such initiative die.

    Personally I like the Skype model (Consumers always drive demand). NAT Traversal and a nice package means it gets to the people. Whether it makes money or not is anyones guess. What the people might not realise is that their networks just might be susceptible to use by other parties.

    Interestingly I don't see many FON people on the IETF work groups or getting involved in industry.


  • what is the security like on it ??
    This software is based on a well-known open source package, dd-wrt, currently in use by 100,000 WiFi enthusiasts world wide. It has thus been thoroughly field tested.
      [localhost]# ssh [email protected]
      [email protected]'s password:
      BusyBox v1.00 (2005.11.23-21:46+0000) Built-in shell (ash)
      Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
       _______  _______  _______
      |   ____||       ||   _   |
      |   ____||   -   ||  | |  |
      |   |    |_______||__| |__|
      |___|SACALE JUGO A TU Wi-Fi
      FON Firmware (Beta 0.5.2) -------------------------
      * Based on OpenWRT -
      * Powered by FON -
      [email protected]:~#