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Read First Forum Charter and Rules : Dental Issues: Updated Jan 2012

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    Welcome to Dental Issues Forum. Please read the following before posting.

    This Forum is for all who are interested in Dental Issues.

    There are just a few things to note when posting here,

    First and foremost.......

    The posts or content of the forum are not intended as a substitute for professional medical/dental advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, dental professional, or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical/dental condition. Never disregard professional medical/dental advice or delay in seeking it because of Content found on this forum.

    1) No Muppetry, Trolling, Abuse or Racism. We can all express opinions with out resorting to any of them.

    2) No Flaming. Different people have different theories. You can disagree with and debate them without flaming. Heated debates should not be taken personally.

    3) No threads about the relative cost of dental treatment allowed. Post in consumer issues ( )

    4) We can no longer allow the name, address, website, clinic name, or dentist name on the public forum. Recommendations can be sought however they must be handled via PM.

    5) We do not allow requests for pricing/treatment details abroad. Use the search function and you will find all the information you require.

    6) Requests for company names/prices etc will be deleted, and posters may be banned for repeatedly breaking this rule. Moderators will not be obliged to give any further warnings on this matter. This rule is not up for discussion on this forum, there are other websites where you can get this information.

    7) Any spammer or suspected spammer will banned and their posts deleted. Any shill or suspected shill will banned and their posts deleted.

    8) Any argument about the validity of these forum rules will lead to a ban. is not a totally free speech environment. It is subject to the same laws and any publishing media.

    9) Aggressive arguments with the Moderators via PM will lead to a ban. Dispute resolution should follow protocols see here

    10) Do not resurrect old threads without a very good reason or important updates.

    11) Any clinic which does not wish their name on the forum or has issue with content of the forum should PM the moderators for resolution.

    12) Dental Issues is an English Language Forum, If you wish to post in another language please also post a direct translation in English. This is so the moderators/ C.mod and admin's know what is being posted and can moderate accordingly.

    13) This forum works because Dental Professionals post on this forum to answer questions as well as individuals giving their advice and experiences. This forum is not a opportunity for you to air issues or anger you may have with individual dentists or the dental profession in general. Our dental professionals contribute their advice for free in their own time, respect that fact.

    14) If you post a question and there is no answer feel free to bump the thread after at least 24 hours. Please dont get annoyed if nobody answered, people post in their own time and on topics that interest them.

    15) No back seat moderation. Its not up to the original poster of a thread if the thread should be deleted or moderated. Think before posting.

    Some old threads before 2010 may still have names of Dentists or clinics, We cannot go back and edit all these threads. Please if you wish your name or clinics name removed from a thread contact the moderators DIRECTLY, use the PM (personal message function). This avoids contacting patients you feel may have posted the comments in the past. I will without question remove names. Any old thread that is bumped will have names removed by the moderators.We are here to help with any issues that may arise. cannot provide any information which would consist of a diagnostic or therapeutic information
    Despite this, I encourage people to discuss dental conditions and treatments available for those - so long as it does not substitute in any way seeking information from a qualified and registered dental practitioner.

    This is a scientific forum, and therefore evidence based.
    It is good to have a scientific discussion on new research and clinical trials papers and links are strongly encouraged. Posters will be held to a higher standard of debate on all scientific forums on

    There is a dedicated private dental lounge for dentists to discuss topics of interest to dentists. Any dental professional interested in access should PM the lounge moderators fitzgeme or Big_G.

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