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    We're ISHTAAR ( )
    a band thats been around for a few years but been very quiet in recent times.

    The website contains some mp3s - old demos, a Fanning session and new home recordings, and will be updated with more tunes and info very soon.

    We have recently warmed up with some gigs in Eammonn Dorans, The Hub, Cleeres in Kilkenny and in Brittany, France, getting ready for a prosperous 2006!

    Lots of gigs and things happening in the next few months, starting at the Sugar Club, this Saturday 14th Jan.
    Four bands in all, we'll be last on with a 45 mins or so set, with a covers band for the drunks (us) later on - bar till 2.30. Doors at 8.30, 10€ before 10.30, 15€ after.

    We're expecting a good crowd and atmosphere, and of course good tunes, starting to rid those January blues....