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Archaeology Forum Charter. Please Read

  • 24-12-2005 1:31pm
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    Archaeology Forum Charter - Please Read
    (update 17/5/13)
    Welcome to the Archaeology forum.
    Any discussion group needs rules to run smoothly and enjoyably. The Archaeology Forum is no different. Please familiarise yourself with the rules and guidelines below.

    Freedom of Speech:

    This is a privately run and owned website, this means that you do not have the right to free speech here.
    If the moderators decide that posted material is unfit for the forum, they have the right to remove it and administer whatever penalty that they see fit.

    You do however, have the right to appeal a moderator's decision.

    The appeals process is as follows:

    1. Send a private message to the moderator concerned.

    if the issue is not resolved then -

    2. Contact one of the category moderators.

    if this fails to resolve the matter then -

    3. start a thread here: Dispute Resolution Forum.

    What is Archaeology?

    Please remember that Archaeology is a science.

    The simplest definition:
    Archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the recovery and analysis of artefacts and physical remains.

    A broader definition:
    'Archaeology is not simply the finite body of artefactual evidence uncovered in excavations. Rather, archaeology is what archaeologists say about that evidence. It is the ongoing process of discussing the past which is, in itself, an ongoing process. Only recently have we begun to realise the complexity of that discourse. ... [T]he discipline of archaeology is a site of disputation--a dynamic, fluid, multidimensional engagement of voices bearing upon both past and present.'

    John C. McEnroe. 2002. Cretan Questions: Politics and archaeology 1898-1913. In Labyrinth Revisited: Rethinking 'Minoan' Archaeology, Yannis Hamilakis, editor. Oxbow Books, Oxford

    What is not Archaeology?

    Archaeology is not about the history or prehistory of animals.
    It is not about the history or prehistory of rocks or fossils.
    It is not about fairy tales.

    If your subject is exclusively concerned with any of the above, please search in other forums - Palaeontology, Geography, Mythology etc.

    Overlapping disciplines

    More often than not, Archaeologists need to create a picture of the wider context. Geological notes are often important to the background. Distinguishing man made features in the landscape often calls for a good understanding of Geography.
    Discussions from overlapping disciplines are often necessary but should only be opened when relevant to Archaeology.
    Historical context is always important and it can at times, be difficult for posters to decide between the History & Heritage forum and this one.
    Sometimes local mythologies and lore can contain kernels of true history.

    Archaeology differs from other branches of science in the sense that a certain amount of conjecture and/or imagination is useful or even necessary.
    There are many fields within the science containing mysteries which may never be explained. The exact purpose of petroglyphs or the precise methods for raising capstones for example, may never be fully understood.
    On matters such as these, the forum does not condemn the use of imagination or reasonable conjecture.

    General rules:

    I. Advertising is forbidden without permission from If you wish to advertise contact Boards advertising staff through this page.

    II. Flaming is forbidden.

    III. Personal abuse is forbidden.

    IV. Spamming is forbidden.

    V. Porn is forbidden.

    VI. Any links to sites which may contain some (very) minimal nudity, clearly mark it NSFW (not suitable for work).

    VII. Posting phone numbers is forbidden.

    VIII. Posting personal e-mail addresses without permission of the moderators is forbidden.

    IX. Trolling is forbidden.

    X. Illegal activities can be discussed, but giving advice on how to carry out illegal activities will lead to a permanent ban.

    XI. Do not argue with a moderator on thread, if you have an issue, PM the moderator in question first. If that doesn't produce a satisfactory response, raise the issue with a Soc CMod. Finally, if you're still not satisfied, take your issue to Dispute Resolution Forum.

    XII. Racism is forbidden.

    XIII. Text speak is forbidden.

    Rules specific to this forum:

    Posts advocating the use of metal detectors will result in an instant infraction and/or ban.

    All poster should be familiar with the laws outlined here:

    Violation will lead to an instant infraction/ban.

    Other Guidelines:

    If you are using an extract from a scientific paper or other source, please use appropriate citations.

    Recent internet developments have made the search for previously unrecorded monuments in Ireland much more readily available.
    However, before assuming that you have discovered something 'new', you should verify that the site has not been previously recorded here:

    Background checks are always worth carrying out on the OSI online historical maps:,588882,739883,0,10

    Please use the thanks button. When someone takes the time to post something well thought out, well written and well constructed - we all benefit and we should show our gratitude.

    Do please take the time to read over what you have written before posting.

    From time to time, legitimate finds are made by the public. These can indicate the presence of other important material.
    If you have found something which might indicate a new site, please pm the Moderator first to discuss whether the find should be brought to the attention of the relevant authority or published here.
    It is widely known that illicit treasure hunters from both Ireland and abroad, use the same sources as we do for locating sites which may contain 'treasure'.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for your cooperation.