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Any game shops the accept returned PC games?

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    Many computer games come with a End User Licence agreement, which must be agreed to before you can use the game. In other words, if you don't agree to that contract, you've just bought a €60 coaster. Most EULAs claim that if you don't agree to the EULA, you can return the game to the shop for a refund. Many shops have a blanket policy of not accepting returns on opened computer game returns. This is because it is so easy to copy a computer game.

    I know many shops have such a 'no computer game returns' policy. Is there any shop anywhere in Ireland that accepts returns on opened computer games?


  • Are EULA's even legally binding?

    Its a bit unfair you have to open up everything to view it. I have a very vague idea about Irish law (thank you 3rd year business studies) as they sold you the good in working order there is no obligation to take it back.