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How is the NEO PI-R scored?

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    Can anyone tell me or point me in the direction of how to find out what the questions are and how they are scored in the NEO PI-R instrument? I understand that there are 5 factors with 6 facets per factor and that the test can come with a differing number of questions. Seeing as i'm not a registered psychometrist (in fact i'm a computer science student...) i cant administer the full 240 item test but i still wouldnt mind getting a better understanding of how the self-test is structured and scored, the values for each question and how the coefficients are factored in.

    Reason why i'm asking is because i am programming personalities into artificial agents and i want use results (simulated or otherwise) from the tests to individualise each agent. I may want to incorporate a self test so that i can use my own scores to create a virtual me!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated