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looking for electric guitar teacher sth dublin

  • 14-11-2005 2:40pm
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    Was just wondering is there an electric guitar teacher out there willing to take on a student around the south dublin area for one lesson a week. I am in the Dublin 14/16 area and would be willing to drive to lessons.

    I have been playing guitar for about 10 years and I guess I would be somewhere in the realms between intermediate and advanced standard. I have quite a good knowledge of music theory and would be looking to spend time working on some bad habits I have developed with basic techniques as well as working on some more advanced techniques. The styles I would usually play would be rock-oriented from about the last 30 years

    Thanks in advance!


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    If i were you id go to Alan Grundy in the Dublin School of guitar above musician, i went to lessons with him for nearly 4 years from the age of 10-14 and i learned a bucket load from him, he plays everything, but focuses on classical guitar himself, his technique is perfect! Im thinking of heading back to see him myself soon.

    If you want more of an 'insane riff' teacher, i recommend an old friend of mine from the age of 5 called conor magorn, he is the best guitarest i have ever seen, and can hit like... 50 notes persecond lol

    Conor definitly knows how to change things up, he can make loads of cool noises too - if you are the easily amused type ;p

    You can find him in waltons school of music (i think) :v:

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    Conor... now there's a player! He taught me over the summer and I learnt a great deal from him in those two short months. If I remember correctly, he's away on tour at the moment but he'll be taking lessons again early next year. When he taught me it was in the loft above Musician Inc. I'm hoping to go back to him when he comes back.

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    Thanks for the replies. I actually know Conor a bit and last I heard he was away. I would prefer if there was someone teaching not in town as it is difficult for me to get to with work..