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CHARTER - Please read this before posting

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    OK, this forum is for people asking about theory and techniques for playing any musical instrument, not just guitar, bass or drums. Usual rules apply:

    Firstly, This is not the place for selling musical equipment or services, or soliciting trades or any kind of commercial activity! Do that in FS Instruments.
    Anyone caught posting a For Sale thread or breaching this rule in any way will receive a two week ban, no exceptions.

    Nothing illegal
    No personal attacks
    No muppetry
    Links to any site containing copyrighted material is banned. Examples are:
    • Tabs
    • Backing Tracks
    • Scans of books or magazines

    First ban is for 2 weeks, second for a month, third is permanent. Any suggestions for the charter, PM myself or Doctor J.

    Happy posting.


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    Until the current situation regarding unlicenced tab sites is resolved, please do not post threads looking for tabs or post links to sites which still offer tabs to copyright protected music. Everyone should be aware of the situation by now, there are plenty of threads around the music forums here where the issue has been talked to death.

    In future threads of this nature will be deleted and I am advising people not to post links to unlicenced tabs or unlicenced tab sites if they wish to continue to access these forums. I apologise for the draconian measures but that's the way it's going to be.

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    From today, all requests and offers should be placed on the Adverts.ie Services sections:

    Services Offered

    Services Requested

    Be sure to read and follow the Adverts.ie rules for posting there: http://wiki.boards.ie/wiki/Adverts_Rules

    Anyone posting threads requesting or offering lessons on the Instruments and sub forums will be infracted and their thread will be removed.

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