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    Charter || Rules

    The Golden Rule:

    There is no free speech!
    -This is a privately owned website. is kindly hosting this forum for UL therefore you do not have the right to say whatever you want on here. You are expected to obey the rules just like anyone else. Not following the rules will get you banned. It is very simple. You are allowed to discuss anything as long as it doesn't break the following rules.

    - Topics/posts that contain this will be both edited and locked. If you wish to buy add space, contact [email protected] .

    - Posts containing personal attacks on another user will be edited/deleted.

    - Bad mouthing or naming of Lecturers/Students is not allowed on this forum as does not want to be a creator of a rumour mill.

    - Posts that are just complete nonsense will be deleted. You do not need to post threads in multiple forums. You may ask a Moderator if you think the post is important.

    - Topics/posts containing such will be edited/deleted accordingly.

    - Topics/posts containing such will be deleted on sight. This is a severe offence. The minimum ban handed out will be one month. Permanent bans will also be handed out for this at the moderators discression.

    Off Topic
    - Posts that stray off topic will be edited/deleted, depending on their relevance to the topic at hand. People who ignore a moderator's request to stay on topic will be banned for a week.

    Phone numbers
    - Posting other people phone numbers is a bannable offence. You should never post your own number on a thread as it is not guaranteed to be safe.

    Posting in "rtrd"
    - Using txtspk n ur psts is cnsdrd been rlly stpd cuz u hv qwert kbd n ur pc so xpct 2 b wrnd. Please don't do this, this is not a bannable offence but repeat offenders might be "asked" to take a break from posting.

    Personal Abuse
    - Posters who abuse others on here will be banned. Permanent bans will be handed out on a first offence if a moderator feels it is warranted. There is no argument on this one. Abuse someone and you will be banned. Calling someone an idiot is abuse. Don't attack the poster, attack the post. Posting PM's publicly without consent could be met with harsh consequences, especially if they do not have any place in the discussion.

    Pointless Threads and Polls
    - Posting any pointless thread or poll will result in the thread being locked. You can be banned for this. Think before you post. If you don't have anything to say then don't bother posting a new thread. Please try to comment as much as you can on any threads you create. If you create a thread in which you ask people to contribute in, contribute first.

    Making the natives restless
    - This is a catch-all rule for general trolling, bitching and similar. Certain posters have an ability to piss off large quanties of regulars on here. If a moderator feels that said poster is doing this intentionally or is the cause of the mess, then the poster can and will be banned. If this poster was being goaded by others, then they'll be the ones getting banned.

    Drug Talk
    - Discussion of drugs is not allowed. Such threads/posts will be locked and moved and the poster will be banned for month. Go to a different forum such as After Hours which allows Drug Discussion.

    Threads on Sex or Sexuality
    - There is a seperate forum to discuss this now, this forum requires a subscription for access. Any threads on these topics will be locked on sight. Repeat offenders will be banned.

    Threads on Soccer
    - There is a soccer forum. Posting about soccer here just because you don't have access to the soccer forum will result in the thread being locked and the user possibly being banned. You may apply for access on the Soccer Access Request forum.

    "Bumping" threads
    - Posting in a thread only to make it return to the top of the forum is not allowed (i.e. posting "bump" or some other pointlessness reply to a thread). People who bump threads may be banned. Bumping threads clutters a forum, if a thread is not getting replies then either revive the discussion with a good reply or let it die a slow death.

    Arguing with a moderator
    - Do not argue with a moderator in a thread after they have given a warning or a ban etc. If you have an issue with a moderator's action then PM the mod in question. They will discuss it with you. You can then, if unsatisfied with the PM route, take things to Feedback.

    Giving cheek or attitude to a moderator will get you banned.

    Do not under any circumstances complain about a mod on the forum. Do it either on PM or in Feedback.

    Reporting Posts
    - Any thread or post that contravenes the charter should be reported. When reporting a post, make sure you have good reason. Someone disagreeing with you is not a troll, not all arguments are abusive etc. Abusing this feature is frowned upon. If you report a post, it is always a good idea to say so in a thread. It is not required though, but it does reduce the number of repeated reported posts.

    Registering a New Account to Circumvent a Ban
    - This will get all accounts site-banned.

    General Posting Guidelines
    Please navigate around the forums before starting a new thread. Use the search function if you think something may have been posted before.
    Before you post a thread, consider the following:

    - Is what I'm about to post relevant, coherent, funny or in any way interesting to other people?

    - Does it add to the forum or is it another thread which is taking up space?

    - Has it been posted before?

    - Is it suitable for this forum?

    Your threads and posts should be well thought out and coherent. This isn't AOL, there is no need for txt/leet speak or excessive punctuation. If in doubt, use a spell checker before you post. Meaningful threads add to the community, throw away threads like "What is your favourite colour?" accomplish nothing. Always try to stay on-topic and contribute to a thread. You may use The Cuckoo's Nest to post any crazy threads in. Moderators are also there to help you if you have any issues or if you have any queries.

    Common Sense Rule
    - Be sensible.
    The use of 'Technically, what I did is not disallowed by the charter' is not a valid defence against acting the idiot.
    Idoits will be banned at any moderators, cat mods or smods disgression.

    If there is any trouble PM one of the Moderators, an SMod or in dire cases, a Admin.

    If there are any suggestion on this Forum please post it or contact a Mod and we will see what we can do.

    UL FTW


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    Just want to wish you all the best with the new forum, I see ya got moderator, well deserved too!

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    UL Homepage || [thread=205269]Who is in UL + pictures[ link][/thread] || [thread=299781]Places to live + reviews[/thread]

    Campus Life :: General campus information, facilities and more.

    All UL Services :: Main page to finding a specific service in UL

    Co-op Homepage

    UL Library

    Student Timetable

    Students Union page

    ULSU Forum

    What can I do with my degree? Look here!!

    UL Skynet Website

    Cumann Gaelach

    UL Engineering Homepage

    CSIS Website

    Mech & Aero Engi Homepage

    An Focal (campus newspaper)

    UL Computer Usage Policy

    Access College EMail from internet
    Instructions for previous link :: Bottom of page/Related Docs/First doc

    Alternative college email access

    UL Games Society

    UL Mountain Biking

    "The only thing you need to know about UL is..."

    Useful Accommodation links:

    [thread=299781]Places to live + reviews[/thread] - the UL board's thread about accommodation all around UL.'s Third Level Accommodation forum - need to fill a house or find a place, try here!

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    UL Network Info:

    Data Network:
    The college's data network physically covers all the buildings on the campus including the student villages. Within each building there is CAT5/6 cabling running to each wall point. These wallpoints are connected back to edge switches in each building. Each of these edge switches is then connected to a backbone switch in that building which is in turn connected to one of 2 switches in the Library via multimode fibre.

    To provide internet access these switches are connected to 2 routers which are connected to the HEAnet backbone. This connection currently has 400Mb/s bandwidth and there's plenty of room for expansion.

    Aside from the physical side of things within buildings the network is Ethernet based. The back bone runs on the ATM protocol.

    According to the ITD website the following areas have wireless connectivity.
    * Library Boardroom (Staff Only)
    * Cafe Allegro (the Foundation Building)
    * Atrium (the Foundation Building)
    * Library - European Documentation Centre
    * Student Union Postgrad Common Room
    * Student Union Common Area
    * Student Union Clubs & Societies
    * Phase 1A - Canteen
    * Schuman Building - Level 2 MBA space
    * Staff Common Room in the Millstream Building and associated meeting rooms MC2-003,4,5. (Staff Only)
    * Engineering Research Building - ERB-006 and 7 (weak signal in 7), ER0-008, ER0-009.
    * Plassey House Board Room, Wood Room, Maunsell Room. (Staff Only)
    * Cafe Sportif - (PESS Building).
    * Science Centre - LERO Building
    * Shannon Development Block 1
    * UL Arena
    * CSIS

    The name of the wireless network is ulwireless and it does not use any type of encryption. If you are connected to this make sure you are connecting to an access point and not an ad-hoc network created by someone. It is important that you do not enable Windows file sharing and take security precautions if you are accessing the fixed or wireless network.

    I.e. set a bloody password for the Administrator account if you're using Windows and disable the guest account.

    When configuring your laptop for wireless access make sure it's setup to obtain an address via DHCP. You'll also need to do this to access the fixed network. You may also need to submit you MAC address to ITD to gain access to the network. - ITD regulations on what can/can't be connected/done on the network. - configure your machine for access to the fixed network. - configure your machine for access to the wireless network. - form to register your MAC address with ITD.

    Proxy info:
    Port 8080 for all services.

    This supports SOCKS4 compliant FTP software aswell.

    Web based mail: - provides an Outlook web interface.

    To login use the following format for the username and password.
    Username: UL\<idnumber>
    Password: <yourpassword>

    To answer a question that seems to be asked quite often here no you will not be able to access the UL wireless network from Millford Grange, Elm Park or whereever the hell else you live. There's a small chance that some of the houses in Kilmurry or Drumroe that are very close to buildings that have wireless access points will be able to pick up a connection but this is unlikely.

    A lot if not most P2P software and gaming over the internet is blocked....traffic inside the LAN is pretty much a free for all. Although the way the network has been split into a number of VPNS may affect this depending on wheather the inter VPN traffic is being filtered aswell. These policies are in place for a good reason and are probably there to stay. There are ways around it but if anyone wants to do it it's up to them to figure it out.

    Anyone else got any questions or anyone want to point out anything I may have missed. Denis can you sticky this to save me and a few others answering the same questions every few weeks. It'll keep my levels of frustration and insanity down and allow more time for important things such as eating and drinking.


    If you have difficulties with or questions about the UL network (including wireless), post them here

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