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naas to dcu commuting

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 14 ✭✭✭ johnjo76

    living on camus and in town is too expensive....anyone got any commuting tips?i think there's a bus direct from naas but im not sure


  • Theres a bus from bus stop outside the post office in naas at 7.15 if i remember correctly. Goes into the centre of town and then heads out to dcu so u dont have to change buses. Theres one home aswell i think. Cant remember the time its at but i remember gettin it 2 years from the bus stop on the ballymun road.

  • Check for busses.

    I remember someone telling me about a bus that went from Naas to DCU. Id say getting from Naas to Dublin would have bee n quite slow with the traffic.

    You could always cycle if you wanted to get some uber exercise :)

    [then again thats coming from the guy who gets the bus from Howth to DCU]

  • Aye, all are correct. There is a 7:15 bus.

    It is rather tiring though. I'm getting it at the moment for another month or so, then moving up. I lasted first year doing it, though I'd advise moving up if at all possible. Difficult to go out to events and stuff if you don't have a place to stay in town and you can't piss mates off too much by arriving every night.

    Speaking of the bus though, it's actually quite full in the mornings ! when I was in first year there was only 2 or 3 people left after o connell street stop. Now, there's around 10 people.

    You can get a weekly ticket online for around 21.60 which is fairly decent value. Never gotten the bus eireann bus back into town myself, could never find it !

    what you studying johnjo ?


  • I agree with Verb. i too commuted in first year and personally i thought it was hell. Im allergic to getting up before 8am. Bus Eireann must have stopped the bus back to Naas from DCU cos i cant seem to find it on the site bus eireann

  • gav - i hope to be doin computer applications next year

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