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  • 18-09-2004 4:11pm
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    I was wondering if people might give me their opinions on this. I work for a multi-national company that is owned by a bigger multi-national, and the European head-quarters in Germany has all of the employees information, like address, phone numbers, PPI number and stuff like that. The reason for this is to have as a back-up to my own company's system I suppose. Apparently it's a fairly safe facility that it's kept in.

    Yesterday we were told that they also was to keep our details in the head-quarters in America. The place in America isn't as secure, safety-wise, but they still want to do this.'s against EU law for them to send our details outside the EU without our individual consent. And they are bringing someone to talk to anyone who doesn't want to give their consent to reassure them that there's nothing to worry about (but really to intimidate people into complying, IMO).

    I'm not going to give my consent as I don't see any reason for them to have my details. For all I know they could be passing on this info for commercial reasons or the US government (or whatever) for security reasons.

    Am I being paranoid about this or have ye heard of dodgy stories related to this sort of thing?

    Just wondering....


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    we had to do that when i started working in aol. i didnt see a problem at the time, seeing as i needed a job, and they wouldnt employ me if i didnt agree.:)

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 274 ✭✭adjodlo

    I don't really see the problem. If worst comes to worst just say no but you will be taking a risk. Like whats the worst that could happen?

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    Well if they need your consent, then you have a choice... if you don't feel comfortable with it then I guess you have the choice to decline.
    Fúck them, I wouldn't worry about exercising your rights as an EU citizen... I'm no legal expert, but I'd say you'd have a case for wrongful dismissal if they somehow managed to sack you over it.
    I can't think of any reason for them needing a backup in the US anyway, why not setup a second backup across the bloody street from your building?
    tbh I'd smell bullshít aswell if they brought in some one to talk to us about it.
    It's the kind of thing I'd refuse just on principle.

    In answer to your question though, I don't know of anything bad that would happen to your data and haven't heard any stories.

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    I've had my details sent over three times now (as three of my employers have had their global HQ's in the US) and don't have any problem with it.

    Of course, my tinfoil hat shields me from the mind-controlling radiation they are directing at me from their sattelites!

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    I suggest writing a formal letter of complaint to the US HQ. They'll realise eventually that the address and telephone number at the top of the page are exactly what they're looking for and crease themselves laughing at your stupidity. But you'll have the last chuckle by simply moving house and having your phone permanently disconnected!

    Other cunning plans may involve faking your own death and "resurrecting" as your own twin, at which point you can apply for a new PPI number, and possibly draining all the blood from your body to have it replaced with a different type.

    On principle, it sounds like an irritating situation, but in reality WRGAF?

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    Sounds good, pickarooney. But I'll get a "friend" to write the letter of complaint in case they take my fingerprints from the letter. Wouldn't want to have to cut off my fingers... :D;)

    I don't think there's a chance of them sacking anyone over it. It's just that anyone who doesn't go along with it will probably end up on an unofficial blacklist (I'd say).

    A couple of years ago, a brain-dead middle management person misunderstood what a "keep an eye on him" suggestion from senior management meant, in relation to one particular lad, so she kept a file on every slightly dodgy thing this person did. He saw the file accidentally and got a major pay-off from the company. That's the sort of thing you're dealing with...

    Me brother is majorly paranoid about stuff (especially America-related) and was telling me about some Mossad agent that had been captured up to no good (as they say) in Morocco and was found to have the identity of some paralysed Canadian kid. And the identity was fairly comprehensive. It's just that I would be surprised if the Americans were sharing info their Israeli buddies.

    A slightly related thing, another lad in work got a phone call from some American who rang saying "Hello, can I speak to Mr. X?" giving the right name. The number is unlisted and only close family members have his number so there's no way some American should have been able to get it. He's in the process of making a complaint to Eircom, who are probably the people that would have given his details away.

    (But what does he expect...with a name like Mr. X? :D )

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    On principle, it sounds like an irritating situation, but in reality WRGAF?

    Well, yeah, it really is just a principle thing. It's not as if I've anything to hide, or anything like that....

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    really you're scared that the cops will run your name and find an outstanding warrant regarding the murderer of a drug dealer!

    Im on to you!

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    'Tis a fair cop, guv! ;)