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Mark King -v- Quinten Hann Boxing match???

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    From Wednesday's Daily Start
    Snooker bad boy Quinten Hann rocked the sport after challenging conqueror Andy Hicks to a fight at the Crucible this year - and he now has the chance to show his boxing credentials.
    Aussie Hann is to take on Brit challenger Mark King - the world number 22 - in a sanctioned fight over four two-minute rounds at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on June 11.

    Hann and Hicks had to be seperated by referee Lawrie Annadale after their first round clash in Sheffield.
    Following a 10-4 win for Hicks Hann said: "You're short and bald and you can have me outside any time.
    King said: "I can't wait to smash his face in. Andy Hicks is a good bloke and Hann was just picking on him. Let's see how he gets on with me."
    :D Go on King! Any truth in this?