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Smoking or Voting.

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    I'd like to have a Boards Debate about either the smoking ban or the e-Voting debacle.

    We were going ahead with the Smoking debate before xmas but then the Santa Strike Force happened and everything went bonkers. I've decided to wipe the board clear and ask for an expression of interest on behalf of those who might want to argue their point in full view of the rest of Board. (Anybody who *was* on a team and wishes to remain so should indicate that and they will have precedence.)

    If you are interested in debating in favour of the topic:
    "This country should embrace e-voting as the government is proposing." should post "

    Those in favour: E-Voting, In Favour"

    Those against: "E-voting Against"

    If you are interested in debating in favour of the topic
    "That the government should compromise regarding the banning of smoking from pubs."
    Please post: "Smoking compromise, In favour"

    Those against: "Smoking compromise, Against"

    If you are willing to be the captain please indicate that too.

    The idea in brief is:
    3 debaters a side.
    One board dedicated entirely to the debate (Logos), only those 6 have write-access to it (the rest of us can read it only)

    One board dedicated to the rest of us to add to the debate in public without disrupting it (Pathos)

    3 Judges. Fergus Cassidy (Sunday Tribune), myself and a guest Judge.

    One week long and one post per day per member.

    Two decisions: The judges decision and a vote in Pathos by the public.

    There is a sticky here with links to threads that explain it in further detail.