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Tournament 1. (January 2004)

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 1,335 Éomer of Rohan

    Shaque attack

    That makes 19, which is an odd number.

    I am currently devising an exact order for the tournament. Will update this soon.


  • I suggest a random 6 entrants play an extra round, so there are then 16 players left, which is easy to organise.

  • Or just don't play a knockout system. Swiss would work fine, 1 by each round.

  • See the point is, we need to play a lot of games simultaneously to fit a competition into a month.

    Kif, if you would be so good as to outline your proposals.

  • Someone explained how the swiss system works in one of the other threads.

    Basically all the players are randomly (works best if seeded) drawn against each other in the first round. Winners get 1 point, draws 0.5 and losses 0. In the second round, those on 1 point are drawn against each other, 0.5 against eachother and so on. In the third round those on 2 play eachother (or a 2 vs 1.5 or 1 if there is an uneven number of people on 2 points). Usually they'll play for 6 rounds. Nobody can play each other more than once. It works well because everyone plays players of similar abilities, everyone plays against their nearest rivals, you can have a huge number of players taking part, and it doesn't drag on.

  • 1. Éomer
    2. Emboss
    3. Kif
    4. Azezil
    5. Echomadman
    6. Rnger
    7. Henbane
    8. DapperGent
    9. MrNuked
    10. Wasabi
    11. Utility_
    12. Sarge
    13. Eirebhoy
    14. Shaque attack
    15. CodeMonkey
    16. Brianon
    17. Alany
    18. Dataisgod
    19. Konix

    Did this with a calculator.

    3 vs 13
    14 vs 1
    19 vs 4
    8 vs 6
    17 vs 15
    2 vs 10
    7 vs 12
    5 vs 11
    (edit) 18 and 9 (/edit)

    which left the last number to be picked as 16.

    Then re-added that in to play against another random player - which came out at 3.
    (used the random button and rounded up all the >.5 and down all the <.5's.

    So player 3 then I presume gets to play twice and counts the higher of his two scores?

    If I am correct here, from reading your post, what happens now is that all these people have to play games and establish points - which then enables Round 2 to begin based on the pairings of winners with winners and so on. How does one account for the additional player in Round 2?

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  • Aye, the next round can't be drawn until all the games from the previous round have finished.

    If there is an odd number of players 1 player every round gets a by (doesn't play and recieves 1 point). It evens out as if the player isn't very good he will lose the next game against a good player, and if he is a good player then he would have won his first game anyway.

  • Right, so the official playlist is:

    3 vs 13 (Eirebhoy vs Kif)
    14 vs 1 (Shaque Attack vs Éomer)
    19 vs 4 (Konix vs Azezil)
    8 vs 6 (Dapper Gent vs Rnger)
    17 vs 15 (Alany vs Codemonkey)
    2 vs 10 (Emboss vs Wasabi)
    7 vs 12 (Henbane vs Sarge)
    5 vs 11 (Echomadman vs Utility_)
    18 and 9 (Dataisgod vs MrNuked)

    with Brianon getting a by-ball for this round, right?

    So, we can start the ball rolling?

  • Yeah. You have to be careful about who is placed first in the match ups as it indicates who plays white. IE 1 v 2... 1 is white. You also have to ensure that over the course of the 6 games that everyone plays at least 2 games as white, ideally 3.

  • I haven't been paying attention 4 d past while how and when exactly are we playin :o

  • blimmeh i best start practicing, havn't played in a while, oh just so u know i'm a good looser but if i win there will be dancing, pointing and a lot of 'haha u loose' :)

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  • Shaque - we are playing over Yahoo and the games can begin immediately but the Tournament will begin officially in January.

    I will help as much as possible by sending messages to those who have signed up to the Yahoo group, to remind them that they have to play - but it is also the responsibility of a player to remind his partner however he can.

  • ok is there any specific software we need for this like yahoo messenger?

  • We don't actually need Yahoo Messenger, and I for one don't have it; all we need is a Yahoo games account for which no software is required.

  • Hi,

    I'd be interested in playing in some of these tournaments, if you let me know when the next one is happening would love to get involved.


  • when are these games going to get underway ?

  • /me looks up hopefully?

    Am I too late?

  • Seriously lads, i suggest we get crackin.

    PM your opponent and set up the game post haste!

  • I have PM'ed my opponent and he has not replied. I presume i get a walk over or... Im happy to neuro-praxis :)

  • Whats the Fùking story ??????? has everyone suddenly gone off chess. ????????????


  • Why not also play pick up games on this board?

    X posts saying they want a game starting today, Y replies and then they sort out venue & time.

    Quite simple. Can reply afterward with result and movelist too for the craic.

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  • hm

  • Just out of curiosity ... did this tournament get started? I haven't played in a while (i.e. chess club in high school) but I'd still enjoy trying out a game or two :)

  • no it never got started sadly. we need someone with the time to organise it.

    however if you want a game or 2 on I would be happy to play. Im pretty you will enjoy winning ;)

  • Need to set a time of the week for the games I think. Nobody can be bothered to organise the gamnes between each other.

  • when dos tournament 2 start ,?

  • im not sure if it was already said but where will it be held? ie what website?