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It snowed!

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    don't know if anyone noticed or not, but the rain in dublin last night was actually teeny tiny little snowflakes rather than the misty rain it ooked like.

    I only noticed myslef because i happened to be stood outside under a light, and you could see by the light reflected off the flakes that it was definatly snow. some of the little beggers were swirling up and around and everything ala 'real snow'. i've not heard of raindrops small enough to go upwards in such a light breeze.

    anyway it was snow.

    that was at 6pm in ballsbridge if anyone is really interested (for the record).


  • Actually your eyes may not have been deceiving you, what you may have seen could have been whats called freezing drizzle, it's a relation of soft hail and distantly related to snow for want of a better way of putting it.
    It was cold enough for snow on some of the mountain tops last night, but this at sea level would have been very , very flooky.


  • There was a decent amount of snow on the Galtees,Thursday last week, from previous night...