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*Classical Forum Charter; Please Read Before Posting.* UPDATED: 2/8/2006

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    1) This is a forum for classical music; this is defined easily enough as orchestral works since I am unaware of any classical music which does not use some part of an orchestra, unless it is purely vocalist. Orchestral includes anything from a clarinet soloist to a violin quartet to the London Symphony. For the purposes of discussion, film scores and so on, where they cannot be defined as 'Dance' or 'Rock' etc, can be classified as Classical.

    2) Please endeavour to keep spelling and so on correct because it helps the rest of us who like to refrain from using 'txt abbrs.'

    3i) Anything that can be defined as offensive,sexist,racist,abusive will result in a ban from the forum. The list is not exhaustive.

    3ii) Lesser rudenesses, such as slights or insinuations will be met with a warning first time around.

    4) There will be no trading of illegal warez or mention of/linking to P2P sites or anything of that ilk. Failure to comply with this will result in an instant ban from the forum.

    All posters on this forum have the right to comment on the above post and I would personally welcome all comment, critical, additive or otherwise.

    Thank you for your interest and time,
    Dave (Éomer of Rohan) / tSubh Dearg (Joanna)