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First Thread :)

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    What are we going to do about a boards chess ladder?
    Whos going to be organising it for us and how many are actually willing to take part?


  • I wouldn't mind making up the numbers.

    I'd love to get back into playing chess. When I was at my best I was almost crap!

  • put me down

  • Your'e a dopey b*st*rd.

    Well you did say put you down.

  • Ladder good.

    Are you proposing to do this online or in a pub? I reckon pub be good; does anyone know pubs that don't mind a little hot chess action? I know Grogans have no problem with playing a few games of an afternoon, but the the place gets mental jammed of an evening so it woud be kinda pointless.

    Might be a idea to change the subject of this thread to chess ladder or something so folks will bother reading it?

  • i'm interested in playing online games

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  • I'd be interested in online chess .. seen as I'm not in Dublin.

    The Spirit Store in Dundalk has a chess board in it. On the bar itself is the chess board... tis a nice place to play chess, the Spirit Store.

  • A ladder or a round-robin tournament (standard tournament form in chess) would be good. Getting everyone to estimate their ability would probably be a good idea to avoid mismatches.

  • i suck but i'll play online and maybe able to make it to a pub type event. what about the white horse where the boards beers are typically? it generally quite quiet regardless of what night its on?

  • I'll play online but there is no way I'm going to the pub to play chess.

  • Great, this is up ;)

    Right, here's a suggestion on how a ladder can be organised. Someone collect names of interested people and post them on a sticky thread and update it accordingly. Any volunteers? Who's the mod here by the way?

    As for playing the games, I think it should be a 15min per side games otherwise it could drag on. The limit could be longer like 30mins or even an hour of course depending on people's preference but it needs to be decided before this starts.

    Yahoo (and assuming mszone) supports setting up games with time limits etc so whoever is playing can just meet up on IRC ( or something then log on to one of those sites and have their game. Yahoo also allows people to view games in progress and the moves can be emailed to any address afterwards so the moves can also be posted here too as a record or something. And people can watch etc.

    Someone take charge and get this going, I'm not very good but I like to play :)

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  • I'd like to play chess online. Maybe in cafe or pub if it's quiet enough.
    Maybe if a group of people went regularly to one to play it would diminish the possible feelings of embarrassment?

    I wouldn't mind trying out being mod of this forum if nobody's doing it yet?