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Big storm coming...

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    This on the front of ...

    Severe weather warning
    Winds ranging South to East in direction will strengthen in all areas on Thursday. Becoming strong or galeforce - mean speeds, 30 - 40 mph, gusting 60 - 70 mph Southwest. Winds becoming South-westerly overnight and further increasing through the night - means of up to 40 mph force in many areas with gusts of up to 70 or 80 mph. Continuing very strong for a time on Friday. Valid from 12:00 hours Thursday, 13-Nov-2003 until 18:00 hours Friday, 14-Nov-2003


  • This is going to be interesting as the storm centre is going to be tracking right across the island.
    The strongest winds, are expected to the south of it afaik peaking from teatime to this time tomorrow thursday evening.

    If it does what it says in the text book this will down trees,powerlines and chimneys in parts of Connaught Munster and South Leinster.

    The normally afraid to mention southern Ireland Michael Fish tonight predicted 80mph wind gusts in the Irish sea area, with West Wales being the worst affected part of the U.K

    Translated to us, that means , the East coast is looking like it's going to get a battering.


  • just what i need, terrestrial interruption on Bill night :mad: i hope the aerial stays on the roof. someone on the road always loses at least 1 during a storm :D

  • Some pictures of Mister Storm.

    Also for anyone around the coasts high winds and high sea swell could well lead to some flooding.

  • Another pic:

  • From again.

    Updated Severe Weather Alert
    Issued at 12:33 Thursday, 13-Nov-03

    Stormy conditions in Southern areas today will extend northwards to remaining parts of the country tonight and persist for much of Friday. A moderation will follow from the south later Friday. Winds today will initially strengthen from a southeast to east direction but they will become a lot more severe as they go round to a southwest to west direction later today and tonight.

    Mean winds of 45 to 55 miles per hour are likely with gusts of 75 to 85 miles per hour in places.

    High seas and high tides will lead to some coastal flooding.

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