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Birrrrrr, its cold for October, innit?

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    Can anyone remember a colder week in October, ever?

    Its more like December outside, than October. October is generally mild, and if there has been this type of weather before, what type of winter came after it?


  • By féck it is!
    / well know rural remedy, a sprong and a calf house with about 3ft of dung :D

    Theres berried holly about, I'm not sure folklore wise whether thats a sign of a warm or cold winter ahead, does anyone know??
    It's been very dry though:) people here are saying they've never seen ground so hard in mid october.

    Yesterday that NorthEast wind had a biting chill but it's keeping the coast fairly frost free at night, so not much scraping of the windscreen in the morning.
    That will change in the next day or two though, methinks, as the wind dies down and the airmass remains cold.


  • Well it was very warm here last week, just shows how changeable October can be.

    No sign of holly here, but nearly all the blackberries are gone. A few tiny mussels and winkles are starting to grow on the rocks and there's lots of seaweed washed up-don't remember as much last year.

  • I love it! Ideal weather for hearty walks along the beach... er I never walk along the beach! :D But I like this crisp and dry weather as it kills off cold and flu bugs...


  • And for stomping through piles of leaves-if we had leaves. Mainly conifers here.

  • Poxy weather.

    I love the cold but I hate the wind and showers.

    Thursday might be a bit drier but still wind chilling it up like a fox.

    I can't find my hat scarf and gloves either. I remember I put them in a very safe place.

    A little too safe it seems.

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  • i had to buy a new coat today because of the poxy cold. it is freezing

  • Brrrr, according to my temp reading thingy on car, it says it was about 2 C outside the car this morning at 8am whilst driving in hail/thunderstorm and through a partially flooded road ! :)

    Don't remember an October so cold either :)

  • Originally posted by gurramok
    Don't remember an October so cold either :)

    Yeah, My Mum has lived in wicklow for 30 years and this is the first time in that length that she has seen Snow on the hills in October.
    And they are looking picture postcard white today in sunny blue skies :)


  • Its amazing, I look outside and the sun seems to be splitting the rocks, but of course, when I actually go outside, my hands go completly numb.

    After a 25min walk to kickboxing the other day, I couldnt even sign in, my hands were too numb to hold the pen..