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Monitor Breaking...??

  • 25-09-2003 12:35pm
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    I have a 21" monitor that I've had for years, but the last 2 to 3 months its starting to look like its on its last legs and I was wonderin is there a place to get it looked at.
    Basically, 1 to 2 times out of every 3 that its turned on, theres like a hissing/spark sound coming from inside it somewhere, doesnt sound like its from the CRT, more like from the back(not the power-in either). It hisses/sizzles like that for 10 to 20 seconds and fades out then and is grand.
    The reason im wonderin is there a place to get it looked at is im afraid if i leave it its gonna just not turn on some day, whereas if its somethin like a loose wire in it it might be fixable before it fries itself. Anyone seen this before??


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    Before I start - be warned TV's/Monitors bite and I mean BITE. A misplaced finger or a part of your body to close to certain areas could kill. If you dont feel confident about the suggestions here then bring it to a repair centre.

    Voltages in excess of 25KV thats 25,000 volts present inside the monitor up to 24 hours after power is removed.


    Disconnect the power and video leads before removing the back cover. Do not leave the monitor while its powered up with the back off. Keep your hands in your pockets when near the exposed monitor. (less chance of touching something you ought not to !!!)


    a.Is the power light coming on ?
    b. Can you hear the degausser kicking in?
    c. Is there a cracking sound at any stage ?

    Use a clean dry 1" paintbrush to clear dust from areas that are covered with it WHILE POWERED OFF.

    There are a couple of places a sound like that could come from.

    Use your eyes and ears to observe where the sound is coming from. With the lights off you may see a blue or violet glow eminating from the top or side of #1 below, this is bad !!
    Pay close attention to the following areas :

    1. Line output trafo. (will have a heavy lead from it to the top of the CRT.)
    2. CRT base board.
    3. CRT Final Anode Cap. (the other end of the big lead coming from 1 above) Check for dust here.
    3. First anode
    4. Arcing from the EHT cable to the chassis.(The cable going from 1 to 3 above.) DO NOT HOLD THIS CABLE !

    Most of the time its just dust creating a circuit for the EHT to travel to ground. Occasionly there may be a crack in the side of #1 above, if thats the case then you are looking at a minimum 50 quid to replace - thats if you can find one in the first place !

    Check these and pm me or post the answers to the 3 questions above here.




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    thanks for that, im not at home atm but i'll check out what ure sayin when i get a chance and get back to u. cheers again.


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    but while i think of it, what you were sayin about the degausser- when say i have the monitor on but not kicked in, and then you turn on the pc, and when the machine posts and the monitor kicks in, theres a noise when it kicks in, which is normal, and its just then that the crackling happens (not all the time), i think its just after the degausser. anyhoo i'll open it up when i get a chance and get back 2 you. cheers.