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why are we so obsessed with weather??

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    why are we so fecking obsessed with the weather here in ireland??like there is nothing you can do to make it rain/not rain cos thats basically the only two weather systems we understand!

    like do the natives of the sahara desert say to each other.."jesus theres mighty drying out today" or fellas in antartica say "bit of a nip out today"


  • But they do talk about it there also.
    {Saharan accent} jaysus thats some sandstorm we're havin today, not as bad as in '63 tho...{Saharan accent} ;)
    It's a traditional conversation starter among some strangers.

    When it's warm and sunny our mood is up, of course we are going to wish it would last or talk about the last time it was that warm etc etc.
    So much of what we do on a day to day basis, depends on the weather, if you go sailing, you had a great wind for instance or maybe not.


  • I think the main reason we talk abou the weather is because we
    cant think of anything else to say....:confused: and 'cos there's so much of it! :)


  • I was out walkin the hound the other day and met a woman
    "Fine day Bill says she".. "Bejaysus its not" says I "isnt it only lashin rain and theres snedge forecast for next week"

    "'Pon me oath Bill "she says "You are right .It is lashin rain and I never noticed it till now"
    Well there you are says I It only goes to show that we are obsessed by the weather in this country

    "Tis a fact says she... and theres your hound soaked and not a daggen on him"

    True true says I wee'l never understand it..and we won't! :(

  • RE: or fellas in antartica say "bit of a nip out today"

    If they were in the dry valleys they could have really interseting converstaions:
    "do you think it'll rain today ?"
    "probably not"
    "can you remember what it was like the last time it rained"
    Note: there has been no significant rain fall/meltwater there for at least 2,000,000 years..

  • It is all about one single fact; as a nation we're very boring amongst strangers or acquaintances that we're not super-friendly with but we can all be very fun people when around our friends (or when we're on the beer). I suppose this is true for most if not all nations and maybe I'm just speaking for myself but from what I see the weather is just something great to talk about when you have nothing better to talk about.

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  • i'd rather a stranger starting a conversation about the weather than he tell me he's just got back from the doc's and found a lump on his sack.....

    it's something everyone has in common....but something i rarley and hate talking about.....

  • Originally posted by Emboss
    it's something everyone has in common....but something i rarley and hate talking about.....

    Is that the testicle problem or the weather???