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Charter - Read Before Posting

  • 08-09-2003 3:09pm
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    This is not a hosting support/bashing forum. If you have a problem with your host - deal directly with them.

    NO ADVERTISING.You want to advertise, go and buy a block of banners from the owners. That also includes any "we are cheaper" claims.

    Same applied to any discussion re your internet connection, etc - deal with the provider first

    1. If you post a website for critique, don’t complain if you get bad reviews. You want people to see it, you have to allow for the possibility that they wont like it.

    2. If posting a question relating to a problem with existing code, post a sample of the code in question. If you are just asking a hypothetical question, try giving an example to go along with it. It will help clarify your question and increase your chances of getting a useful response.

    3. If replying to a question about code/ how a webpage looks / how to do X or Y, try to be constructive. Repeated occurrances of “that’s crap” or “you muppet” etc, will result in a warning and then a good hard banning :p

    4. NO ADVERTISING. You want to advertise, go and buy a block of banners from the owners. That also includes any "we are cheaper" claims.

    5. People are not going to do everything for you. Come up with an idea yourself, ask for help and suggestions if you want, write something, anything, make an effort and then post for criticism / suggestions / help

    6. GOOGLE is your friend. Don’t be afraid to do a quick search before posting.

    7. Flame wars will not be tolerated (after the humour has worn off that is :) )

    8. KEEP IT CLEAN. That means, NO links to Pron (donkey or otherwise) , NO (or at least as little as possible) swearing – the stars are there for a reason you know!.

    9. NO WAREZ . None. at all. no linking to warez sites, no posting license keys, no torrent files. posting this material is an automatic banning. no appeals. 1 week for first offense, until I remember for a repeat offense.

    10. No affiliate links either - you want to make money, advertise the normal way - no cheeky posts

    11. Discussion or recommendation of web hosting companies, or the packages offered by various web hosts is not permitted on owing to a long, long history of these types of threads not working. This is non-negotiable.

    Since many of these hosting providers also provide domain registration services, discussion or recommendation of these providers is also banned.