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Volunteerism Forum Charter - Please Read - updated Jan 2011

  • 07-09-2003 10:18pm
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    This forum is for anybody who is involved with voluntary work with any organization whether it is charitable, community, or any of the many who provide all manner of emergency services.
    The representatives of these organizations are welcome to promote and discuss their work on this board subject to the following.
    1, No direct fundraising is allowed
    2, No direct recruiting for fundraising work is allowed, the idea is to provide people with information and they can make up their own mind about supporting you.
    This charter is subject to change without notice. If you need clarification or assistance please contact one of the forum moderators.


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    Be civil, Be helpful and volunteer!
    • 1. Personal Abuse will not be tolerated.
    • 2. No offensive posts. Racism will not be tolerated.
    • 3. Try to keep criticism constructive.
    • 4. Don't Troll/Flame to provoke a reaction.
    • 5. Spamming. Posters who repeatedly post the same Thread/Post on this forum and/or cross-post across multiple forums will face a sanction.
    • 6. Direct promotion of voluntourism is banned. If you have a question about it, ask it, just don't promote it.
    • 7. Please try to stay on topic.
    • 8. Try to keep subjects to a single thread. Use the 'Search this forum' function at the top right corner to find a relevant thread.
    • 9. No on-thread discussion of Moderator decisions, take it to PM (Private Message). Moderator list at bottom right corner of forum page.
    • 10. Mod Permission is required before posting a survey. Please check Surveys and non media research forum first.
    • 11. Text speak and all-caps posting disrupt the flow of discussion, please keep them to the absolute minimum.
    • 12. We want to hear about voluntary organisations, volunteer opportunities and your experience with them so if you make an effort to engage constructively in the forum you can discuss these openly and bring to people's attention openings for potential volunteers.
    • 13. The promotion of illegal activity will not be tolerated.
    • 14. No users personal email address or phone number should be posted on the board, keep it to PMs if necessary.

    Breaching the forum charter can result in edited/deleted posts, closed threads, warnings, infractions, forum banning and site banning depending on the scale and repetition of the breach.
    If you have a serious problem with a post, thread or user, use the 'Report Post' icon (report.gif) to the bottom left of each post or PM a mod.
    If you wish to officially represent your organisation please contact hel[email protected] to begin the process to assess if it is feasible.

    More useful links for general use.
    Beginners guide FAQ

    Enjoy the Forum!

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