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Best Summer Year for Sunshine

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    Well, which do you think was the best year that had the best summer with lots of sun? your lifetime of course :)

    I think the summer heatwave of 1995 was the best as the sunny days lasted from the middle of June straight to the first 2 weeks in September with temperatures hovering around 25-29 C in various parts of the country.
    Plus it never was interrupted in almost all places ever once.

    This summer just gone had record temperatures but the number of sunny days was too short to have an affect. Just the first 3 weeks of August was memorable ( :

    What do you think ? :)


  • '95 certainly.
    The daytime temp in Kilkenny afaik averaged 25 for the whole month of August-that included probably several days closer to 30.

    There were some warm summers prior to that, but the really hot, dry one was way back in 1976.

    '95 was so dry though that the vegatation turned tinder yellow.
    The sugarloaf mountain was burning for a week as were a lot of forests.
    Thankfully no major fires that I'm aware of this year .


  • Proberly 1984 which followed a good summer of '83. I was around for the infamous Summer of 76 but I dont actually remember anything from it dispite being old enough to....84 was'nt as hot as 95 (which I recall as a stinker) but it was very sunny and lasted pretty much the whole June/July/Aug period. Or am I kidding myself?


  • ah 1995. Didn't have to mow the lawn for 4 weeks :D

    I espically remember that summer well, farmers were contemplating opening silage bales for fodder. In July.

  • 1995 deffo. Heavily pregnant and my mother was dying suffering from stress and high blood pressure ...wonderful. Spent most of it between the rotunda and beaumont. It was so hot remember the day after I had my daughter it rained for about an hour everyone was delighted :cool: .

  • This summer just gone had record temperatures but the number of sunny days was too short to have an affect
    I thought this was one of the better summers we've had in quite a while (ok nothing like '95 or '76). We may not have had weeks & weeks of clear blue sky but most days had at least some sunshine. Even when it was raining there'd be sunshine afterwards.

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  • Well, sunshine was not that great in June/July, it was rather weak and not that hot :D
    Humidity was fairly average for an Irish summer and it was fairly overcast and bucketed down a bit a few times also :)