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Work Forum Charter - Read Before Posting - Updated 27/08/2017

  • 02-09-2003 5:04pm
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    Major Charter Update 05/08/2009

    This Forum is for the discussion of Work & Jobs related topics.


    1. Advertising / Spamming
    The overt promotion of commercial activity and the use of this forum as a vehicle for such is strictly forbidden.
    Due to the nature of this forum, Business names & websites are likely to appear regularly.
    This is only allowed when the poster/post is genuinely looking for/giving advice on a particular topic.
    The genuine nature of such posts/threads (as opposed to just spamming/shilling) will be judged on an individual basis by the forum moderators.

    2. Job Advertising
    Companies and Recruitment Agencies are not permitted to use as a platform to advertise their positions. We do however encourage fellow users to highlight positions available in their own organisation. When posting a job that you know is available, please include:

    - Location
    - Job Spec
    - Renumeration package (even if its just reference)
    - Qualifications (or experience) preferred

    3. Illegal Activities
    The promotion of any illegal activity will not be tolerated:
    items such as Tax Avoidance, Insurance Fraud, Intellectual property infringement, banking fraud, the dispersion of "insider information", Pyramid or "Get Rich" Quick Schemes and any other illegal acts are forbidden and will results in bans.

    4. Personal Attacks/Abuse.
    Please keep things civil & amicable. The making of potentially defamatory, off topic, disruptive statements such as incitement of hatred, racism, sexism or violence is subject to alteration or deletion and an infraction. This includes making deliberately unhelpful posts.

    5. Old Threads
    Please don't dig up threads which are more than 6 - 12 months old. Information may be out of date. Just start a new thread.

    6. Legal Advice
    Do not ask for Legal Advice here. Consult your Solicitor.

    7. Sales
    In accordance with site rules there is no selling allowed on this forum. This means the selling of any materials, assets or companies etc.
    Also, do not post personal details such as email addresses or phone numbers.
    Please use our sister site for these purposes.

    8. Request for Services
    Please post requests for services by tradesmen / professionals / others on This forum is not a classifieds ads webpage.

    9. Request for Jobs
    Please post "I'm looking for a job, Gimme a Job" type threads on This forum is not a classifieds ads webpage. Career advice threads however are encouraged.

    10. No personal details in posts
    Please don't post your or anyone else's email addresses, phone numbers etc.

    Finally, Please use the "Report this post" feature (visible on each and every post under the user's profile) whenever you see something which breaches the charter or the general rules of boards. We (Moderators) do not read all posts in each thread so we cannot always act on a suspect post/thread unless it is reported to us. Do not argue with the moderation on the thread; PM the moderator if you have a problem.

    This Charter is subject to change.

    Thanks and enjoy the forum.


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    We caution posters to use accurate and truthful language when describing organisations. Making unfounded allegations is a risky business and may lead to potential legal action against In short, do not let emotion and personal bad experiences rule your head.

    This warning applies in particular, but is not limited, to organisations such as marketing companies (which later turn out to involve commission only door-to-door sales) and recruitment agencies.

    As limited information is available on the internet concerning these organisations, would prefer to keep discussion active, rather than banning it outright. However, if posters repeatedly fail to heed this warning, the moderator team will implement a complete ban on discussion of this type.

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    As these types of requests are becoming far to common lately let us make it perfectly clear: We do NOT delete posts or threads in this forum on user request. If you share information you should not that is your responsibility and as outlined in the Terms of Use:
    Please do not post any information you are not happy to leave up indefinitely. In order to ensure that threads and conversations are not disrupted, we do not generally remove Material which is uploaded to us. Consequently, you agree that your Material displayed on may continue to appear on, even after you have terminated your user privileges or have had your user privileges terminated by

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