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Could this be our first topic?


  • That's a pretty great topic.

  • Aye but I'm stuck for turning it into debating topic... brain has frozen...


  • from an rts'er

    where is there a fairly complete proposal on how this debating things works i honestly havn't the time right this second to read through all that thread you linked

  • How about "Does the expansion of globalisation lead to a better off world?" ?

    << Fio >>

  • Its long, but i dont care.**** needs to be said.

    The problem with globalisation is the lack of governmental control, when faced with big revenue from tax and less unemployment, regardless of the impact on the environment, employee welfare, and the compaines ability to jump ship on a whim, leaving the country high and dry.

    Look at microsoft, they produce products full of holes. The only time theyve been repremanded over their product development, has been by hackers, who use the weaknesses against them.

    Globalisation also install puppet leaders, who are just the face of big business. Im using America again because Bush is the most obvious candidate. Half of his staff have sat of the boards of oil companies! The women whos in charge of the oceans and lakes (thats not her title, but thats basically what she oversees), was on an oil company for **** sake! Now surprise surprise alska is going to be ripped up and sucked dry.

    Look at the xerox factory in Dundalk. Dundalk is a town in need of a new major employer. Xerox came near the end of the i.t. boom, made promises, employed and unskilled workforce and began to train them, new houses and shops were built, based on the prospects of a new major employer, 6 months later the big shiny factory was sitting empty after xerox announced mass layoffs.

    Globalisation, may sometimes bring us cheaper products and mass employment, but most times its just a corporate money making method. I flip the bird to globalisation.

    See you lads in Sea Island, Georgia (the location of the next g8 summit) for a mass demo against globalisation.

    Btw Gud Old Georgie Bush will be chairing the summit.

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  • The topic is a double edge sword. but I would have to go with the arguement that Globalization does indeed harm the world.

    Globalisation is an offspring of expanding capitalism. Business's are constantly looking for cheaper ways to deliver end products to consumers and the methods they use is to have production developed in countries where the cost of doing so is considerably cheaper. mainly third and second world countries.

    Whilst this is good for their economies there is constant exploitation that goes on.

    Globalisation "should" lead to competiveness which "should" be good because it "should" give us the ordinary citizen the chance to recieve goods and services at a cheaper price.

    But alas that is not the case. Globalization is only lining the pockets of the fat cats even more.

    Prime example of this is how Software is now being exported to a country like india for development. because the cost of development can be 7 times or more cheaper in india than it would be in the US BUT this does not affect the price a consumer has to pay for the end software product

    Globalization is only making the rich richer im afraid.

  • No way.

  • <3 globalisation.

  • topic could be something along the lines of "that this board (as opposed to house!) belives that globalisation makes the rich richer and the poor poorer"