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Roma "formaggio da pasta " is not Parmesan!!

  • 05-08-2003 11:05pm
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    Am i going completely insane..or this is NOT "Parmasan" .

    It tastes absulutely terrible..the consistancy is chunky and the flavour is totally different.

    yet the tins has an arrow with a picture of old style Roma Parmesan and pointing to this rubbish.

    Looking on the web it seems that "formaggio" means cheese and thats fact on the tin it just says "medium hard cheese"

    Board readers..surely you have noticest the even worse than normal flavour of Roma (imho) so called and deliberitely misleading "Parmesan" tins?

    How can they get away with blatently doesnt taste like parmesan (even bad quality....unless its REALLY bad quality , parmesan) yet on the tin has exactly the same style of packaging and they even have the nerve to put a picture of the old "Parmesan" tin..with parmesan written on it..the glib marketing message is clearly..this is a fancy new name for Paremasan.

    Am i going mad or do Roma think we wont notice??

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    They don't say that it's parmesan though do they? Cheese for pasta is what it says.

    A quick google shows that parmesan is really called "Parmigiano Reggiano". In fact check out

    If you want real parmesan however, I suggest you go to the cheese counter and get a block.

    I'm sure the Corinthian can sort this query out...

    Looking at their website doesn't give much light apart from the fact that they may have changed their black and gold formaggio which is a blend of Italian and Irish cheese - and put it into the case of the parmesan cheese...

    Both cheeses are on that link there.

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    Originally posted by Longfield
    Am i going mad or do Roma think we wont notice??
    TBH, most won't. As you pointed out 'formaggio' simply means cheese and the Roma cheese you mentioned would probably bare a closer chemical resemblance to pre-packaged cheese slices, than Parmesan. Foodstuffs like that are mainly geared towards the microwave generation.

    On a related note, the Roma brand (which I think is Dutch in origin) produces authentic Italian foods eaten only by authentic non-Italians. While some of their goods are usable (their tomato purée), their pasta is a disaster - always seems to come out stracotto (overcooked).

    Get the real stuff; other than in most supermarkets, you’ll find Parmesan in shops, in Dublin, such as Little Italy or Norton’s. As for pasta, Barilla is fine, but use De Cecco if you can find it.

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    Thanks for the advice Corinthian , definately a trip to Little Italy to stock up is on the cards.

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    So I bought a tube of this thinking "oh nice, something to sprinkle on my pasta and salads at work without having to grate cheese at 6 in the morning" but wtf like, its basically a tube of sawdust, as in the exact same taste and texture. Am I using it wrong? Do you mix it with the food before microwaving it or something? Its disgusting.

    Anyway Im looking for a similar product for my pastas and salads that I can just keep at work and sprinkle as needed, are there any that are nice or are they all like this?