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problem with returning to work

  • 08-11-2021 8:53pm
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    Have to keep details to a minimum for fear of being idenified.

    Injured in work. Not my fault. Havent been well since. Have also developed problems sleeping which I never had before. averaging 3 - 4 hours a night. Normally 9 hour sleeper.

    My GP certified me off. Work GP certified me to go back. Work contacting me to return. It fills me with dread. Seeing a missed call from them made my stomach flip and I got tears in my eyes. I understand that is just not a normal reaction to an employer contacting you.

    Hoping to get some advice here - NOT medical advice but more along the lines of workplace advice. Do i have to go back if i dont want to? I am working there 20 years (just incase anyone suggest I dont want to work. That is not the case)

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    Work GP has certified you as physically fit to return. You're describing a mental illness due to injuries sustained.

    Your GP will help you here, speak to them on this. Let them know how you're truly feeling

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    You need to go back to your GP and see a solicitor. Everything else is just adding to your stress.

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    My two cents is long term advice.... maybe you should find another job. I know you got injured but maybe it's more. Maybe it's just the thoughts of going back. Maybe you have had enough and time to move on.

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    You are very sparse on details so its hard to advise correctly, but one question here is the timescale you are talking about. How long have you been absent from work? And what is the reason, is it directly because of the previous injury, or is it mental issues associated with the injury?

    This matters in terms of workplace advice, for example I would say that depending on the timescale there will come a time where the business needs to know one way or another whether they have an employee or not, somebody has to do the job after all.

    But before that, you ask whether you have to go back if you don't want to. Well, of course not, you could quit at any time. So what is the real question, is it can you remain an employee on sick leave but not return to the workplace?

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    Check if there is an appeal process in relation to the workplace GP's decision. There may be an option to seek a second opinion. Meanwhile keep your own GP in the picture. They are the ones best placed to give an opinion on your current state of health.

    Like pp, I'm not entirely sure what you are asking though. Do you want to return eventually? Are you claiming your social welfare entitlements meanwhile? Do you think another job might suit you better, when you feel well enough?

    I'm not asking you to answer those questions, just to help maybe clarify your own thoughts.

    You don't have to return, of course, but you presumably need a source of income and your employer needs to know what the story is, whether they need to fill a vacancy, and if not, how long until they can expect you to return.

    All the best, I hope that you feel a lot better soon.

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    Hi lopik

    I think that there may be a provision under legislation that where an occupational physician and your own GP disagree then there is an independent arbiter . You might check with the HSA as to what the stance is on it as Im not too up too date with Health and Safety. In the interim you do what feels right for you in this regard. Is there a counselling service through the job you can avail of? Ive been in that situation in the past and found them incredibly helpful. Wishing you the best

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    Make an appointment with a solicitor as soon as you can. In any event, an injury that serious should be properly investigated legally to see what your rights are. Good luck but honestly you need proper professional advice now.

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    I feel that there is information missing here.. so you wer injured (physical) but I sense there is an emotional issue here too? if so why? whats the source of that? no judgement OP - but need to understand in order to advise you.. take care of you

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    If it is PTSD type symptoms after a work place issue there might be some come back.

    Your GP and the company OHA can sign off on this, the company may have to offer you a different role if one is available.

    Is the issue stress, workplace stress, fear of coming back, or fear of the injury happening again.