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Star Wars: Visions (seven stories from Japanese anime studios)


  • Still better than the Inquisitor sabres.

  • Yeah, I like the look of that anime series. Some of it looks very pretty. Some, not so much.

    I haven't followed any of the animated series apart from Gendy Tartakofsky's Clone Wars series years ago and I know this is just a short series of standalone episodes but they can be interesting (Think of The Animatrix series)

    Yeah, looking forward to this.

  • Ah! They're all short episodes less than 15 mins!

    1: That was pretty cool to be fair!

    The umbrella style of that lightsaber really felt right in the old Black and White Anime style. The story with him being a Ronin and having a red lightsaber was a nice twist too.

  • 2: I don't even know what style you'd call that. Definitely aiming towards a younger audience.

    I think I've seen some genre about Bands and stuff like that but not sure.

    It was fun all the same. It was cool that the voice of

    Boba Fett was done by Temuera Morrison himself 🙂

    Definite feels of the Episode 2 scenes around the

    nightclub and assassin chase from the parts on Coruscant

  • 3: That was daft and funny and hilarious and.. lookit.. don't go into this one with any eh.. facts or physics and such 😁

    I'm just thinkin the ultimate pitch this studio was going for was.. wanting a Kiddo Luke Skywalker, Standing, Lightsaber Drawn, outside .. in outer space.. no protection.. on the tip of his X-Wing.. Wind flowing through his locks, as his ship enters Hyperspace after he gracefully did a surgical strike to remove a kyber crystal from his nemesis sister's armour suit.. followed by cutting a Star Destroyer in two 😁

    Nailed it! 😂😁

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  • 4: Damn Straight

    She's a Jedi!

    The episode felt a bit drawn out but the ending was kinda cool.

  • 5: That was alright. Could kinda see it maybe working out if it was a longer series with the character interactions going on. Too short to say for sure.

    The lightsaber fight was decent enough.. chopping all the Sith in half though! 😲

  • 6: I think that might have been a younger audience one again. It was kind of quirky and different.

    I liked the artwork they had on the walls in the buildings. Reminded me of some posters for the films I think.

  • 7: That was good. Liked the animation style in this one. Story was solid and simple.

    That fight was epic!

    In the English language version, David Harbour voiced the main Jedi in this one. I swear his voice reminded me of Harrison Ford

  • 8: The animation on this one was really good. Longest episode so far at about 20mins I think. Straight forward enough story.

    The Sword fight was cool. Felt a bit frustrating how it ended given I don't know any reason to think they'll have an opportunity to show more of their story.

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  • 9: Woah! 😱 All that in just 12 mins! That was well done!

    Was noticing that he didn't seem in good enough shape for the fight and started wondering if it was a Sith conversion episode. Wasn't expecting her to throw the Princess at him and have him kill her

    George Takei did one of the English voice cast. Think he was one of the funny guys 🙂

    So.. Finished!! 🙂 Overall: Yeah that was grand. A wide range of story styles and animations. Some fun, some serious.

    I'd probably have been leaning to favour the more .. seriousey episodes.

    Probably have to say the top three episodes would have been: 1, 7 and 9 with a nods to 8 only for the

    frustrating ending

    Again shoutout to episode 3 which was just bonkers 😁

  • Thought this was very good overall with no bad episodes (as such, as I wasn't particularly engaged by Tatooine Rhapsody or the T0-B1 episodes, but they weren't bad by any means). As for the standout episodes, The Duel, The Village Bride, The Ninth Jedi, The Elder and Lop and Ocho were all superb.

  • Am i crazy or was there a promo for a story about two jedi brothers who fight a duel, that wasn't in this release?

  • Sounds like the episode The Twins, although that was brother and sister fighting other. One of the more "anime" episodes.

  • Yeah, not remembering any brothers promo. Hardly the

    Sister and adopted (Bunny?) Sister in their episode where the not-adopted sister sided with the empire? Sisters tho.. so guessing unlikely to what you were remembering

  • I thought overall that was very good. I liked some more than others. My only gripe is that is that I preferred to watch in Japanese with subtitles and I really wish they would have a non-CC subtitled track also (I really don't need to read "Lightsabre whooshes") :

    1: The Duel - Really liked this. Liked the animation style. Was a great reminder that Jedi are basically Samurai (Man, how cool would it be to see Hiroyuki Sanada in the p1$$ing rain with a lightsabre?)

    2: Tatooine Rhapsody - It was fine. The weakest for me although it was fun.

    3: The Twins - Cool dynamic fighting. Interesting take on the Sith

    4: The Village Bride - Pretty animation. Can't remember much of the story though

    5: The Ninth Jedi - Liked this one a lot. Liked the characters. Again, lovely animation style.

    6: T0-B1 - Liked this one too (Although I can understand why some may not). A very obvious nod to Otomo's Astro boy (In story and character design) which is possibly why I liked it so much

    7: The Elder - Thought the bad guy was nice and creepy. Wasn't gone on the Jedi or his Padwan.

    8: Liked the character design (Although, again, I can understand those who don't). Again, can't remember much of the story.

    9: Akakiri - Was interesting. But personally wasn't gone on the animation style and was hella depressing :)

    So overall I did like them. Liked the who Animatrix vibe from them. Would like to see another season of unrelated stories. While The Last Jedi had some serious flaws, I did like the idea (Later forgotten about) that there were potentials throughout the galaxy. Sure, it was a bit on the nose (The kid force pulling the broom) but the suggestion was good and I like that these stories expanded beyond the Skywalkers.