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Deposit box that uses a code instead of a key?

  • 16-07-2018 4:11pm
    Registered Users Posts: 750 ✭✭✭ xboxdad


    I'm looking to rent a deposit box in Dublin that can be opened using a code, not a key.
    The reason is: I don't want anyone have access to it unless there's an emergency. Which I hope won't be happening.
    In case I need to, I could just find out which of my colleagues are not on holidays and I'd pick one that I trust.
    I'd tell them the code and ask them to fetch my stuff.

    It doesn't need to be bank grade security. Just some public place like in Colombo and Magnum PI: It's more than enough challenge to find out which railway station or airport & deposit box the key (code in this case) belongs to in case someone finds the key (code).

    Is there anything like this available? (Merrion and Sentinel use keys)

    Thank you.