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How to kill yeast?

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    HB starter here. I forgot to remove yeast sachet from bottom of Ritchies Simply export stout malt pouch when standing it in very hot water x 20 to soften. Will proceed with brew but wondering if I may have kilked/compromised the yeast. Will update but for now any thoughts? Thanks in advance


  • You might have damaged it, but you can just pop into Mottly Brew or similar, and grab another pack of stout friendly yeast. It's not the end of the world.

  • pitch it, see if it kicks off, if it does, add a yeast nutrient to give it a boost, if no just pitch some new yeast

  • Thanks for replies and advice. Pitched 9 hours ago. Have come out to garage to sit beside my latest brew for a while to find steady vigorous A/L activity. All seems good. This is my 3rd brew. The first two took a bit longer to kick off so possibly no harm done here.