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Interested in ASG


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    Tom75 wrote: »
    I'm interested to start ASG, and I don't know what law on this - Could you tell me please:
    1. Can I play (games or just walk with a asg toy ) in the public forest or land? (like Dublin Mountains, Montpelier Hill - Hell Fire Club forest etc.)
    2. Can I use sniper camouflage in Dublin Mountains, Montpelier Hill etc.

    Thank you for your help

    Hi, ASG is kind of a odd term around here. It could probably technically encompass paintball too. Anyways to answer your question - no.
    you can't just get an airsoft rifle and go into a public place and 'play'. You need to dig a little into where the airsoft sites are around where you live. I also suggest reading some of the stickies on the main Airsoft Forum. There are a few of them regarding usefull information/FAQ for new players and laws and regulations etc.
    I'd suggest you read them first to get yourself familiar with everything.

    Hope it helps.

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    Playing on public land is illegal, and could lead to five years in prison.