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26-11-2015, 14:13   #1
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DSPCA Doggie Day Care

Hi guys, just a quick question. Has anyone brought their dog to the DSPCA doggie day care and if so what did they think of it? I brought my dog for the first time this morning and was a bit taken aback by the brusque, slightly rude behaviour of one of the staff at the desk. I was understandably a bit anxious that my pup would be OK but there were no pleasantries, no hello/ goodbye, thanks for coming etc. It sounds a bit petty but I suppose I expected a more personable experience as you're leaving your loved pet in the hands of someone else. So I suppose my question is do your dogs come back happy and tired? Do you recommend the service? Online they say that they do a whole range of activities with the dogs throughout the day- agility/ training/ supervised, but since they lead the dogs away and can't see them at play it's hard to know if that is the case.. Dogs can't tell you after all!
I'm a huge fan of the dspca generally and support them a lot, bringing my dog to their vet, buying from their shop etc. They do great work. Any experience with this doggie day care service?
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I've no experience with them for daycare or at all really - apart from meeting them out and about at events and they were always lovely both to me and the dogs. What I will say though is that I have experience of rude/careless daycare staff at a place I used to use. What I'd suggest is maybe trying it again and see if you get the same reception - if you do then trust your gut. My dog cries and gets uneasy any time we pass in the car even though he hasn't been there for years and is closed down... I pass where it used to be twice a day and feel guilty every time for not listening to myself! Flip side of that is he gets very excited any time we're on the M50 approaching the Sandyford exit (even when we're not even going to Sandyford lol) from being at PDT for training classes/workshops and the odd social hour over the last few years! Even when I have my other dog with me they always ask about him!
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Daycares can be an exhausting environment to work in, often I have found with people who work with dogs, end up putting so much energy and time into the dogs that sometimes the humans they meet end up taking a back seat, even though technically they shouldn't.

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I haven't used the service myself but I know several who do and they swear by it! It's supposed to be fantastic, and like you said it supports the charity side of things too, which is a big plus.

I wouldn't be worried about the facilities either, take a look at their facebook page. There's photos on there of all the daycare areas.

You could try chatting to the staff again next time you're in, it might have been an off day. Ask them about their facilities, what the dogs' activities are like, etc etc. If you were still getting unwelcome vibes then maybe look around at other daycares, there's loads of them around the place.
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