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03-04-2004, 20:44   #1
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Is it wrong to masterbate for a woman?


just want peoples opinions on the above topic, have been going out with a girl for the last 3 months now but she seems to be very cagey about certain parts of sex, also she thinks masterbation is wrong so our sex life has become a bit stale.Is it wrong for me thinking like this? Is it wrong for a woman to pleasure herself, whats the harm?
PS this is not a troll, im just curious as if it wasnt an issue with her then sex would be soo much better.
04-04-2004, 10:03   #2
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Women masturbate too? That's disgusting.

Um, no there's nothing wrong with it. You go and tell her that DapperGent says it's okay.

Though I fail to see how her having an interfere will dramatically improve the sex between the two of you, it willl improve her sex life how and ever.
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04-04-2004, 10:21   #3
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Oh its fine.....if she does'nt mind goin straight to hell when she dies
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04-04-2004, 10:36   #4
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helpful comments only please

if Dapper says it's ok, then it is

seriously though
has she told you why she thinks it's wrong? is she very religious or something?
it's one of the most natural things in the world, but perhaps somewhere along the way she's been told different
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04-04-2004, 10:37   #5
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Lord Satan will be watching

It's very natural to masturbate, to deny it is to deny part of yourself.

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04-04-2004, 11:35   #6
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people who don't masturbate/think its wrong seriously bother me...

i just get wary of people as soon as they reveal anything hinting at that information....
I'm not saying you should dump her or anything because of careful
it isn't wrong for women. the impression i get is that, on average, girls start later and are usually opposed to it for longer than a guy is before realising there is goodness down there.
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04-04-2004, 11:51   #7
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no shes not religious, shes american so who knows, all that she says that she doesnt like it and it seriously bothers her, emmm why? i dont it wont improve things but whats the harm.Thanx for the replies so far, made me laugh some of them
04-04-2004, 14:17   #8
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An ex of mine was similar until shortly after a trip to Ann Summers when she admitted she was using something we'd bought there when she was on her own... Could be just the ticket for spicing things up as long as you've both a good sense of humour. Even if you just go in for a browse some afternoon, trust me, she'll be thinking a lot of the same things you will as you leave the shop

That said, some girls just don't like the idea of it. Most will learn to explore their sexuality on their own at some stage of their lives, some won't. Also, the great majority of women I know find it much harder to admit than us guys. I wouldn't stress about it tbh...
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04-04-2004, 14:32   #9
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If she is being serious and honest . Then why not explain how you feel about the subject, and maybe suggest that she talks too her GP or some close girlfriends about it, as you are concerned.

I have met some women who actually found masturbation painful, for reasons that needed medical treatment.

P. :ninja:
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04-04-2004, 14:54   #10
Dont Ban Me
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IMP women masurbating is on of the greatest things in the history of man kind!!

I know plenty of women who do, and afew who dont! Suppose it just depends o the girls frame of mind and her general feeling!

If she's open enough to tell you she doesnt like it, ask her about it and ask her to explain her reason for disliking it?!
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04-04-2004, 16:19   #11
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Originally posted by Paddy20

I have met some women who actually found masturbation painful, for reasons that needed medical treatment.

P. :ninja:
what i'm wondering, well not really after this post as it seems like they're not as mad for it as us blokes, is their frequency of masterbation, i haven't had a girlfriend in a while now and i'm up to on average about twice a day so i'd be curious to know what an average actively-masterbating woman is up to.
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04-04-2004, 20:29   #12
Pink Bunny
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Originally posted by curious25
no shes not religious, shes american so who knows, all that she says that she doesnt like it and it seriously bothers her, emmm why?
The fact that she's American has nothing to do with it, I'm sure. We are just as interested in sex and all things relating, trust me.
I'm still confused though, what does her dislike of masterbation have to do with your sex life, unless you have asked her to do that as part of foreplay or something? As long as she doesn't mind you touching her, where the problem?
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04-04-2004, 22:08   #13
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Originally posted by passive
people who don't masturbate/think its wrong seriously bother me...
Seriously bothers you? You have a hang-up about other people's hang-ups?

Some people just aren't interested in masturbation whether through lack of reward from doing it or whether they actually have a hang-up. One woman I spoke to says she doesn't, simply because she gets enough sex.

Question for the poster, do you go down on her / does she like it?
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05-04-2004, 06:18   #14
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seems to me, from the replys that 90% of boardsters are wankers

ah no, its all good
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05-04-2004, 10:28   #15
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Some women do, some women don't in my experience, just like some men lie, and some men don't!

It's a tricky one - I went out with a girl who found the whole thing repulsive, so I had to be very careful I didn't get caught - which was a serious bummer. I couldn't really approach the topic with her - it was a serious red flag! If your girl is the same, my only advice is don't get caught.

I also went out with a girl who loved to watch me - which was weird but great. She was a dinger - god bless that woman!
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