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The Tipperary GAA Discussion Thread



  • Honest and to the point? Isn't that Liam Cahill. Some people just love gossip. If you love it, keep going. Best of luck with it. Don't take the man's word for it anyway!

  • Kiladangan and Loughmore served up another classic in the stadium tonight.

    2-23 to 2-22

    Another injury time score gets the win for Kiladangan. Alan Flynn with the winner and just brilliant all night. John McGrath getting back to his best and, well, both sides gave everything.

  • Not so fast, this is mere speculation from a journalist about a man who decided against taking the Tipp job. How was John Fogarty privy to this so-called conversation so??? And how would Cahill know that the lads weren't making a decent fist of challenging the status quo for their places on the side when he coaches a different county? its hilarious how one journalist was torn asunder a couple of weeks ago, and another is heralded as the spoken truth just because it suits your narrative.

    And lastly, how in gods name do you think you know how competitive sports work at Adult level?? in your own head, you think you are some form of authority figure in Tipp GAA 😂 Its priceless really! How did it work out on those other threads ''who value your 'superior intellect'' ???? Are they sick of you already?? 😂

  • Firstly, you have to be selfish in sport to win, and greedy, so from that point of view, a lot of Tipperary fans would be obviously hoping to get the best. Unfortunately, it didn't work out on this occasion, but best of luck to the lads in Waterford and I hope they fulfill all their sporting ambitions because for me they are two very honourable guys.

    I do agree that it was always going to be hard for Liam to walk away from Waterford where he is well regarded and made a bond with the players down there. it wasn't as cut and thrust a decision as we think. it's hard to walk away from a project and there is a bit of stubbornness about Liam. I get the impression that he doesn't like unfinished jigsaws. I read an article about his appointment to the Waterford role and it sounds like they really were blown away by his straight-talking nature. Then you have the equally excellent Mikey Bevans thrown into the mix. From their point of view, it was a match made in heaven.

    My choice at this point in time for the job would be Micheal Donoghue. I don't think he will get the job because of this antiquated mindset that it has to be a Tipp man, but i would hope we would entertain the possibility at the very least. He's experienced, he's won Liam McCarthy, and he is by far the best name that has been linked after Cahill dropped out of the race. Of course, might be just paper talk, but I hope we can get him. All due respect, its not Darragh's time, I'm not sure it ever will or should be William Mahers time and Tommy as trainer. from 11-12 led to the Lar debacle against Kilkenny. To be fair to Tommy, id hope he has learned from that and drove on. Declan Fanning possibly same as Darragh. Ive heard Eoin Kelly's name being mentioned and like Darragh and Declan Fanning, i think they would benefit from managing at minor or u20s first. Of course, just my own 2c.

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  • Well my take is it, cahill will regret it, doubt he will get the chance again, and tbh waterford will not win the all-ireland any time soon. Cahill always spoke about the buy-in from his u20/21 teams, he had the perfect opportunity to mould them now 23 year olds for a bright future but imo bottled it and went with Waterford who will be satisfied with moral victories. In tipp he knows he prob had 3 years to deliver an all-ireland and maybe he is thinking limerick are too strong at the moment and he would waste his chace with tipp by going in now. He may never get the chance now and people can say what they want but it could be his biggest ever regret if tipp dont come knocking again.

  • Fair enough, but its too lazy to say he bottled it in my view. He spoke to the county board and he obviously weighed up everything. You go where you are appreciated and quite frankly, Waterford wanted him more which is a sad indictment of our country board when a man who has won 3 grades at underage, is not considered capable enough to manage the Seniors when he has proven himself. A week can be a long in both hurling and politics. I think he will get the Tipp job eventually. The county board must also not take it personally that we have been rebuffed. Its business not personal and that's the logic we need to take when making decisions in future.

  • He got the tipp minor,u20/21 jobs in tipp so he was obviously appreciated. Hes too stubborn for his own good. Sheedy was always going to be front runner when he came back in for the job and cahill should have appreciated that. After tipps loss to waterford, cahill spoke about tipp being at a crossroads, he shouldnt have talked like that and a few weeks later he the refuses to manage hos own county. Cant remember many managers turning down the chance to manage their own county. He will regret it.

  • Cahill best man for the job.

    how did the story leak though? I don’t see how the county board would benefit as it would undermine the relationship with the new mgmt knowing they were second choice. From the POV of the cahill camp, they could go back to w’ford with a ‘ what kind of package will you put together now knowing my heart is in tipp’ attitude. And we all know what ‘package’ means!

    obviously pure speculation, best of luck to him.

  • He could have gotten a package from Waterford but it is well known that since Davy, the Waterford county board have been broke essentially so unless they got some benefactor to stump up some money, I doubt Cahill is getting much

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  • As a Waterford person, can I ask does anyone know what changed for it to be looking like a done deal for Cahill to go to Tipp and then within a day that it was all off? Various people saying he wasn't allowed this or that but it does seem strange how it went 180 degrees so quickly.

  • What do we know?

    The Tipp County Board spoke to Cahill twice - very quickly after Waterford were beaten. And the Waterford board probably had more meetings than that.

    There are a couple of journalists that have Cahill's ear and vice versa. Cahill is very open with journalists and often hurries to address camp issues with the media. Just one recent example (rule number one of management - protect your players and don't make it about yourself- Cahill broke that rule after the Clare game:

    "“I have to throw everything at this now. Too many players failed today for my liking. I’m going to look at it really stringently and rigorously. I have 37 on the squad and they’re all putting in great work. We had 11 guys training earlier this morning that trained really, really hard.

    “They must be looking in at that saying, ‘What have I to do to get into the squad?’"

    He'll get away with that kind of thing at Waterford where they're desperate for success. Then he had to address it after the Galway game:

    ""But the players fought for everything today, the pride in that Waterford jersey. They really fought for me as well, and for that I'm indebted to these players, they're with me 100% and I really need to make that clear to everybody, we have a great relationship.""

    Cahill is inexperienced in a lot of ways. Likes the mic. Talks too much to media. Ran his mouth about structures in Tipp after beating Tipp and talked the talk about his love for the county and then pulled the rug. He has to curb that if he is going to manage a top side where the media scrutiny is microscopic.

    The obvious shock of multiple journalists (particularly Tipp journalists), including the county board, reveals the obvious. Discussions had gone well. It was lined up and the rug was pulled.

    Waterford have their own benefactors and stakeholders. While their county board might not have a lot of money, they do have people putting in money.

    While Cahill was open to the Tipp board that he was still meeting the Waterford board, that he sent out the training programme to the Waterford lads before he told the Tipp board meant that was being organised, and well, that suggests that he never really considered the Tipp job. He has been talking out of both sides of his mouth. He has been bending over backwards trying to please everyone, but I think Cahill and Bevans might have cut their ties here. Particularly if Tipp's games with Waterford turn into bad blood games - this is a real possibility.

    When you see the ultimate insider GAA journalist like John Fogarty with words from Cahill's mouth, you know Cahill is still trying to manage this through the media. As is the Tipp county board. But that's tricky, it's a bit like a guy who has a small business online, who spends his time trying to bully people online - it's not good for business, is it?

    Cahill and Bevan's Waterford have yet to figure out how to score goals against Limerick - when it really mattered, they scored 17 points and 19 points against Limerick. Easily contained. This year, they scored 14 points from play against Limerick. Their tactics, one up front, were of a side looking to get stuck into a better team and not get trashed rather than going out to win. It will be interesting to see how Waterford play tactically next year. It's been underwhelming so far. A final and a semi-final against the top side without landing any real blows in terms of incisive, direct, and effective play that really troubles the opposition. They've never got out of Limerick's grip - never caused a ripple of panic in Limerick. No cups to show for it. But Waterford have the man they wanted and Tipp didn't get the man they approached. These things usually don't go to plan.

    Tipp can't continue to get bogged down in it, anyway. And they haven't - board is going ahead full steam.

    The bolded content is totally unacceptable

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  • Great win for the Tipp women -

    Tipperary 7-10

    Tyrone 2-16

  • Tqs throwing plenty of money around Waterford hurling.

  • Brian O'Mara broke his arm again! Chap has no luck.

  • Heard it was his hand. Same job I suppose. Terribly unlucky year - misses the intercounty championship and now the club. Chap has no luck is right.

  • Result- Thurles Sarsfields 5-19 Drom an Inch 1-23

  • Except no one suggested flooding the team with all of Cahills u20s/21s, but strike a balance between youth and experience which we got the balance completely lopsided. Even Jim Gavin who won 5 out of Dublin's 6-in-a-row said that there is starters and finishers. Granted Sheedy may have felt fresh legs at the end would have been better, but he was slow in introducing them to a game. Grown adults will realise that I'm not expressing any particular personal dislike for Sheedy or his management, but petulant and militant children might think otherwise.

    By the way, I picked up on another one of your little pathetic cheap digs in your earlier comment. If you feel you are genuinely being bullied on this page then I would recommend you report it to the mods immediately, using solid evidence of course which i would suspect you are short on. We could all have a delve into the archives and find plenty of comments you made to others that were particularly insulting over the years so I wouldn't be threatening any individual or 'small businesses' if I were you. You gave as good as you got over the years and aimed plenty of insults at others who disagreed with your worldview. Your not a victim, you never were. That wont fly at all.

  • Look, you've always been mad for a stick to beat Liam Cahill with. We all remember the night you launched a personal attack on him here under one of your previous monikers so by all means go ahead and bend your interpretation of the truth like you always do.

  • ''Waterford have forgotten how to score goals v Limerick'' 🤣 Forgetting of course that Nicky Quaid pulled off blinders of saves in the same game. Cork barely laid a glove on them. Tipp played one good half of hurling against them, but let's have a go at Waterford 😕

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  • It was never a done deal until it was confirmed. People assumed because Cahill was from Tipp and that he was open about his love for his native county that it was a done deal, and I thought he might be swayed myself. Alas, it wasn't to be. Business not personal.

  • ''Some people just love gossip'' says the lad who quoted John Fogartys words as fact 🤣

  • When you log into into boards and there's a load of responses to your posts, from 2am, about Tipp hurling and it's all from the same poster. All you did was post about Tipp hurling and the Tipp job using existing evidence. And they're also claiming there are digs against them in posts about the liam cahill situation. Mis quotes you. Mis reads you. And just doesn't get it.

    I guess I'll just keep ignoring them? Sure, what else can I do?

  • Great result for Tipp football yesterday. Despite late pull outs from their camoige contingent to face Galway today.

    Aisling McCarthy scored 1-7. Good saves from the keeper in goal.

    Hopefully the camoige team can make a real game of it against Galway today. Up against it. But they've come on a tonne this year.

  • There is an ignore feature. Maybe it's an idea for you to use it?

  • Click on a posters profile. On the far right click on the icon on the right of Message and then click ignore.

  • How come orla o'dwyer is playing for tipp today? I thought she was in Australia playing aussie rules.

  • She was on the Lion’s team which won the AFLW Grand Final in April. Then she came home for the summer, and is in both the Tipperary camogie and Ladies Football panels. She opted out of the football yesterday. Because two games in two days. The women are treated like **** when it comes to fixtures.

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  • So because you’ve a disagreement with a poster on an anonymous chat forum about a sport, you deem it appropriate to implicitly threaten his business ?

    even by your low standards of attacking the poster instead of the post that’s deplorable.

    shame on you.