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23-04-2012, 10:27   #1
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Disneyland Florida


We're thinking of going to Disneyland sometime within the next year.
Most of the packages we've seen are geared towards 2 adults and 2 kids, but its just the 2 of us going.

Does anyone know where to start looking for the best value?
No specific time frame on this as we don't have to go at peak times, so when is off peak for disneyland?
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23-04-2012, 11:30   #2
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We have been lucky enough to have been a few times both as a couple and with the kids. Both Tour America and American Holidays have packages for 2 people. We usually do a week in Orlando and then a week or two in one of the coastal resorts like Clearwater, Marco Island, Sanibel, Santa Maria etc etc. You also have to decide what type of accommodation you want in Orlando......stay in a Disney hotel ? Universal hotel ? condo etc etc......Dont forget to have a look at the Orlando forum on Tripadvisor, there is loads of info there.
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23-04-2012, 11:48   #3
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We always go in October. It's a pleasant time of the year, no rain to talk about really and queues are virtually non-existant. Restaurants are not too busy either so you get seated pretty quickly. There is a great website called The Dibb that is great for all things Orlando but be careful and make sure you call it Disneyworld rather than land they get all het up about mistakes. DisneyLand is in California and WOrld is Florida.
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23-04-2012, 13:07   #4
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i was in orlando in mid november 2010 and the place was quiet, weather was nice (low 20s) and room prices were reduced
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24-04-2012, 11:32   #5
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Was there after Easter last year, perfect weather and low attendance at the parks, don't go during Spring Break or Easter, any school holiday period should be avoided really, try and go for more than 2 weeks if you can, don't be afraid to search out your own flights and accommodation and car hire.
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25-04-2012, 02:27   #6
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Hi Op, before booking double check that you are not hitting Orlando on a long weekend.

I was there in Feb with by OH, we avoided the packages and went out on our own. It was a public holiday on the Friday so it was very very busy!

We live in the US so got cheap enough flights there.
Got our hotel at booking.com - there was a special offer on that weekend. The hotel was located on International Drive.

Most hotels will do shuttles out to Disneyland and Universal if you want to avoid hiring a car for a few days - you will be in these parks from morning to night so only us the car getting too and from the place.

We more than covered Disneyland in a day (different story if you have kids) - though if you go during a long weekend some rides will involve an hour of queuing - learn about Fastpass - it will be your friend when there are queues!

You need at least 2 days for Universal Studios
We hired a car to go out to the Kennedy Space Center - about 1.5 hours from our hotel and will take up a full day.

There were plenty of other parks and attractions to see.
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25-04-2012, 02:49   #7
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Just a thing to note..if you're doing a Google search for the park it's Disneyworld in Florida, Disneyland is in California. If you see a site advertising deals for Disneyland Florida chances are it's not legit
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