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31-10-2010, 15:19   #1
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Lidl Nebuliser working very well for high strenght saline.

We recently bought a nebulising machine from Lidl and we are very happy with it. Huge improvement on our old machine, especialy for nebulising high strenght (7%) saline. Brand name : Sanitas. Model No. : SIH 20.
Cost 34.99 euro.

Some months ago the strenght of saline my wife was using was was greatly increased by her new doctor, to help get up mucus.
We have 2 Omron nebulisers a pro one which cost 120 euro and a smaller one which cost 60 euro. The new saline strenght made little difference with these machines and got up hardly any mucus.
We bought the Lidl nebuliser on a whem and when we she tried the saline in it she brought up almost a cup full of mucus and is still bringing up some mucus morning and evening every time she uses it. She feels alot better and hopefully now will be less prone to chest infections with less mucus in her lungs. She also finds a minor improvement and time saving on her other 2 medications that she nebulises.

Anybody else used this machine and found it good ?

Anybody found any other type of nebuliser that works well for high strenght saline, e.g. non compressor types of machine such as ultra sonic or other technology ?
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07-11-2011, 18:24   #2
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lidl nebuliser

Hi i would totally agree with you that it's a fantastic piece of equipment,very efficient.But what about when spare parts are needed for this machine,where are these to be gotten from?the booklet doesn't advise on this.Help
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07-11-2011, 22:25   #3
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On the booklet it says it is covered by a 2 year guarantee.
Phone (01) 5245132. Hopefully they can help you or point you in the right direction.

Over a year ago now since I posted and we are still on the first machine.
After we bought the first one and found it was good, we bought two more just incase it was a once off product. Haven't needed to open them yet. Spotted them again in Lidl in the last few weeks.

When we were having problems (motor getting slow ??) with the 120euro Omron we brought it back to the chemist but as it was outside the guarantee they couldn't or wouldn't help. So where do I get spare parts for this one ?
We then bought a smaller 60euro Omron and this wouldn't nebulize the high strenght saline either.

At 34.99 we would happily buy one of these every year if we had to for the difference it has made to my wife's health.
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04-11-2013, 16:20   #4
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I know this is an old thread .. but I just thought I''d put my tuppenceworth in.

I got the Lidl nebuliser for my dad back in Jan 2013 (Sanitas. Model No. : SIH 45). He thought the unit was the business as it processed the nebule much quicker that his other (mad noisy) nebuliser.. it is also dead quiet so doesn't interfere with his (or others) TV viewing/conversation. And its also so small that its really portable.

The bad news is the machine stopped working the other day (still turns on but doesn't nebulise - I'm sure that's a real word ).

The great news is that I contacted the Helpline (Phone (01) 5245132 as mentioned in previous post) and they told me that a new one will be sent from Germany straight away .. no quibble no nothing. Fantastic.

Now here's hoping it arrives in the next few days ..
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23-01-2014, 11:28   #5
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Sanitas SIH 45 AC Adapter

Just phoned the number mentioned in the previous post 01-5245132, (thanks to whoever posted that contact phone number) spoke to a very helpful man who is posting an AC mains adapter to me. Cost is €20 including postage. Posting to me and then I make the payment. Great service.
He also says not to use any oily substance in the nebuliser and never to use boiling water to clean it, just mild saline or a vinegar solution.
My son uses it for Ventolin, Saline, etc...
Happy so far, only have it for a couple of weeks, bought 2 in LIDL

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