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28-08-2007, 15:03   #1
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Law regarding driving with cast on arm

Hey, I have an operation on my hand next week which will leave my arm in a cast for 6 weeks. The arm in question is my left which operates the gears. Does anyone know the law regarding this? Can I use an manual car?

I have just bought a new manual truck but I still have my automatic merc. Am I resricted to Automatic? Can I use either?
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28-08-2007, 15:06   #2
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There is no law regarding it but I would advise not driving if at all possible!! If not drive the automatic as if you had to do something that needed the full strnght of that arm you could do more damage to yourself!!
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28-08-2007, 15:12   #3
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I had my arm in a cast for 6 weeks last year (right arm) and unfortunatly had a manual ... I could just about manage to drive the car but after a few spins to the shop I gave up and decided that it was far too dangerous. I did borrow an automatic on a few occasions when I needed to be somewhere but the poor auld wife was the chauffeur for the remainder!!

I don't think there is any insurance rammifications but if you were pulled over for doing something minor I am sure Mr or Mrs Garda could initiate a 'driving while incapable' charge or the like !
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28-08-2007, 15:25   #4
Henry Ford III
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Yep. Inform your insurer.
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28-08-2007, 15:31   #5
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I had a leg cast on for 5 weeks this year but could still have driven my auto. Didn't though as a whole bunch of people reckoned my insurance would be void because of the cast.

They could have all been wrong, but I'd talk to your insurer before you do anything.
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28-08-2007, 15:38   #6
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I had a fractured wrist (plaster from hand up to - but not over elbow) a month ago and work for an insurance company.
Our claims dept said it was dodgy and there could be argument over a claim.
I rang Hibernian (my insurers at the time) and they said it was down to the doc (i.e. did he think i was safe to drive) So i asked my doctor (in the plaster clinic).
He didn't say i couldn't drive....... which meant he wasn't putting himself at risk.

Basically, if you want uncomplicated insurance the answer is No, but you could argue the point!
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28-08-2007, 15:49   #7
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I'd say the best solution, as mentioned above, is to talk to the insurance provider. But there's a good chance that the insurance people will want a letter from your doctor stating that you are fit to drive.
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28-08-2007, 22:34   #8
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Had the right arm in a cast for six weeks in Feb/Mar, from the bottom of the fingers to just below the elbow, was very stiff & weak even the fingers, for first two weeks and i could not drive because fingers would not bend to grip the steering, after that i could drive o.k but still did not too much unless it was necessary.

I felt it was safe enough but was only driving at low speed on quiet country boreens to the shop or the like, if i was going on busier, faster roads i got someone else to drive. It's a real pain in the ass not been able to drive or work like that, my head was wrecked sitting at home.
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28-08-2007, 23:01   #9
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I broke the Scaphoid bone in my right wrist last year and was in a cast 6 weeks as well, tried to get out of it after 4 but the doc obviously went by what he felt and not what I had told him and stuck me back in it for 2 weeks!

Anyway I asked my doc would I be able to drive and he recommended that I did not. I'm pretty sure that if you were to be in an accident that your insurance would be void due to it, especially if you dont inform them. Give your insurer a call and make sure before you even attempt to drive.

If your cast is like mine was then it will be extremely hard to shift gears in a manual as you will only have enough movement to get your 4 fingers on the gearstick at one time and even then it wouldn't be easy.
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19-08-2009, 01:24   #10
J.F. Ryan
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any updates on that? my forearm is in a cast for 6 weeks and I need to drive let me know pls.......
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19-08-2009, 06:02   #11
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Originally Posted by J.F. Ryan View Post
any updates on that? my forearm is in a cast for 6 weeks and I need to drive let me know pls.......
Digging up a 2 year old thread to ask a question which has been answered in the thread

In case you missed it. Ask your doctor if you are OK to drive. Then you need to ask your insurance company if it's OK for you to drive.
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19-08-2009, 06:14   #12
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Originally Posted by Del2005 View Post
Digging up a 2 year old thread to ask a question which has been answered in the thread

In case you missed it. Ask your doctor if you are OK to drive. Then you need to ask your insurance company if it's OK for you to drive.

Good modding Del.

Wait a minute!
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08-11-2012, 18:25   #13
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am in a cast on right hand due to thumb fracture but have an automatic which has a left hand spinner. a knob for people who use only one hand.
the r.hand is ok but the weaker. nurse at clinic said it wasnt legal to drive with cast. will check it out. two disabled women are f....ed if i cannot!
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08-11-2012, 18:47   #14
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deja vu!
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5 year old thread.
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