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10-01-2007, 15:40   #1
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How to crack open a cash box?

Our office cash box was locked, as it is supposed to be. Then we moved office. Now the cash box keys have gone missing.

Anyone got an idea of how to open le cash box? Its pretty much the same as this one.

Before smartarse comments get thrown about:

Yes the cash box is mine, I didn't steal/borrow/buy it from a dodgy source.
No I won't stand on it/smash it off a wall/let a brick accidentaly fall on it, unless all else fails.

If I bought the same one again, would the key fit both?

Suggestions please?
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10-01-2007, 15:41   #2
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A hammer!! Or try a locksmiths!!
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10-01-2007, 15:42   #3
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Leave it with me for a week.
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10-01-2007, 15:42   #4
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A: Bring to lock smith
B: Use heavy duty drill with metal bit to drill lock open
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10-01-2007, 15:43   #5
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Those things are very easy to pick the lock off.
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10-01-2007, 15:43   #6
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Dynamite FTW
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10-01-2007, 15:44   #7
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Buy a crowbar
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10-01-2007, 15:45   #8
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Get a sturdy knife and jimmy it open, the lock isn't that strong on them yokes anyway.
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10-01-2007, 15:47   #9
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some c4 should do it
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10-01-2007, 15:48   #10
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I just tested one here. I reckon a screw driver and a sufficient amount of leverage and force would wedge it open.
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10-01-2007, 15:49   #11
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allegedly, either hold it upside down and hop it off something solid, or throw it on to the ground. either way, make sure it's upside down. allegedly.
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10-01-2007, 15:51   #12
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Originally Posted by monkeyfudge
I just tested one here.
Lol! I'll send you mine when I have it open, then you can have 2 broken ones
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10-01-2007, 15:51   #13
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yore ma?

na sorry someone had to say it. locksmith seems like a good idea but will they open them for security reasons? i reckon 2 paperclips and go mcgyver on that thing...
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10-01-2007, 16:02   #14
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Angle grinder? Would think any builder, carpenter or mechanic could get you one and you can cut it open.
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10-01-2007, 16:05   #15
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If you were going to buy a new one to see if that key would work (obviously it wouldn't) then why not just bust this one open?
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