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Originally Posted by Sappy404 View Post

So you agree that any player we sign should go straight into the first team, but that Henderson should have been integrated slowly? I can only assume you're saying we shouldn't have signed him at all?
No .
But I dont think I'm alone when I say I'm surprised at how much he has started games . I had him down at the start of the season to be coming off the bench rather than starting .
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Originally Posted by Gbear View Post
If Dalglish is working towards a long term target than he may feel that playing players who won't be here next season and by and large aren't in our plans, even if it would improve our results now, is a waste of time and, in the long term, giving game time to our unfortunately thick new recruits is better.
Thats a fair, but frustrating point. I mean I'd be happy for someone like Shelvey or Sterling to get some game time in Maxi's place but it appears he prefers Carroll and Adam to run around, fall over and/or bounce off people.
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Jose Enrique believes Liverpool have made great strides this season - and claims our current league position does not reflect the potential within the squad.

The Reds have excelled in knockout competitions this term, with the Carling Cup already in the cabinet and an FA Cup semi-final just over two weeks away.

Enrique thinks this is proof of the progress being made at Anfield.

"In the cups we are doing well but in the league I think we deserve more than where we are now but the truth is we are in seventh position," he told "We have played good football in many games but against Wigan (on Saturday) we didn't deserve to win.

"This team is in production. The owners have signed young players. I think we have a really good squad already but of course we have to improve - everyone.

"The manager takes pressure for us and of course that is good. But the truth is, when we make mistakes or have a bad game, we know where the mistakes come from. Who plays the games? The players. Who has to win them? The players too.

"The players are frustrated just the same (as the fans)."

Enrique claims his desire to improve results is partly attributable to the debt he feels he owes Kenny Dalglish.

"I am really grateful to him," said the 26-year-old. "Of course I want to do my best for the team and for Liverpool first, but also for the manager because he signed me.

"The truth is Liverpool went many years without winning something and already we have one cup and we are playing for another one."
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Why would Ancelotti who got rid of Cole at Chelsea suddenly want him at PSG?
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Originally Posted by kevohmsford View Post
I think just getting Cole and Aquilani off the wage bill at the moment will be a big plus and will free up places for quality replacements, I hope. Even if we get 5 million for Cole if would make the loss on Aquilani's fee easier.
Accounts wise €6 Million or whatever the fee is with Aquilani shouldn't leave much to write down on him, he's "here" 3 years come the Summer, plus there would have been a contribution towards his wages from Juventus and Milan.
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