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07-03-2012, 15:29   #61
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could it not come under classic rifle shooting....strong argument for as the are among the oldest repeating rifles

even thinking of Irish C&W music makes me cringe
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tac foley
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If ever a firearm came under the heading of 'classic', it has to be ANY of the under-lever designs, from 1866 onwards, regardless of calibre.

Sadly, they don't make the best gun for target use at extended ranges, but then, that's not what they were meant for.

Stick to a 100yds/, and you'll be good.

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09-03-2012, 21:00   #63
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Well i finally got the licence today, seven months all in all from buying the gun sorting out getting it shipped, getting the deer licence etc..and then getting the firearms cert. My head has been wrecked but i'm glad it's all over now only have to get the import licence now, so i should have her in my hands in a week or two can't wait.
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12-03-2012, 18:39   #64
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Originally Posted by 4gun View Post
picked mine up to day,
put a box of rounds through it to see how it fired and all I have to say is,.. amazing
it had a scope on it and I'd say we (Poulo and I)were easily getting 11/2" groups at 100yds
we spent the rest of the evening completely dismantling it and gave it a thorough clean

anyone know where we can get some 30-30 ammo in a hurry

I used some forrest bore foam on the barrel and it came out like new,when I first went to see the gun I thought the bore was pitted, it turned out to be perfect.
sanded down and refinished the woodwork to remove the few minor scratches and dings a I have to do a few small bits of rebluing on a few rings
Myself and Poulo fired it on open sights on Sunday with what was left fo the few rounds I had and now I just cant wait to turn it on a deer
going to be a long summer

Poulo has some video He might post if asked nicely
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