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22-02-2012, 15:51   #31
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why not? it's a non-profit organisation. perhaps the su officer could perform some small jobs like sweep out the bike shed or break parties up or hold the girls hair back when they're puking every where?
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23-02-2012, 13:12   #32
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This thread has gotten way off topic. I have had, to my memory, 2 individuals email to say they were waiting on responses from Tara. These were sorted as soon as possible.

I've missed emails. When you arrive back after a sick day or 2-3 day's leave there can be upwards of 150 emails (excluding all the university message listings). I've probably had to be reminded of 20/30 emails over the course of 2 and a half years.

I take criticism and measure it against what I'm doing, I don't go about telling everyone about every little thing I do, therefore a lot of people's complaints can relate to the lack of something being done, which is being done.

I'm here for the purpose of getting things done. I've got 12 months and I'm not going to be using time I could otherwise use actually getting things done going looking for individuals who want to know the content of my stomach of the colour of the President's office (can't remember anyway, but the chairs are cream)
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27-02-2012, 15:20   #33
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Ok, I have a question, what sabbat doesn't claim to work 90 hours or more? At this stage it's truely ridiculous and unbelievable to hear 90 hours being floated around. You realise that's 13 hours a day for 7 days or 18 hours monday to friday. The SU isn't open that long per week!

Tara, while you may do your job sufficiently, your personal confrontation of an individual who wanted to remain anonymous (and naming on their first name on this forum) is highly inappropraite (and unprofessional), particularly for a welfare officer. I certainly hope you realise data protection laws and allow individuals to remain anonymous when they visit you in your office.

While I agree, Sid_justice is quite annoying on these forums, mods haven't stepped in to ban him and his fake accounts. Where you spend 90 hours in an office, Sid spends posting on boards.

To the mods, this isn't the first case of mods disclosing information about users to individuals on this forum (that I have heard of), can I remind you of the boards charter AND the Data protection act?

Last edited by sceptre; 27-02-2012 at 15:32. Reason: deleted quoted post from user purporting to be someone else.
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27-02-2012, 15:28   #34
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Tara hasn't said anything that identifies the person other than that they appear to be postgrad & medicine. I think cambridge had previously mentioned these details.

Also of note is that she stated that she frequently works 90 hour weeks. That's not claiming that she always DOES 90 hour weeks.

Personally I am very impressed with the restraint shown by many on these topics. In terms of the mud being thrown at people so often on here lately I actually think that both Tara and Aoife's posts deserve a round of applause.

Anonymity is one thing; cowardice another.
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I've deleted posts from and sitebanned two user accounts purporting to be the current SU welfare officer and current SU education officer, respectively, having been contacted to inform me that neither account is being used by the people they directly claim to be. In other words, someone with nothing better to do set up two separate accounts to pretend to be two current SU officers and post in this thread.

Given the idiotic nature of the bulk of this thread, with the addition of the above, I don't see an advantage to anyone (especially UL students) of keeping the thread open. Hence I'm locking it.

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