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01-02-2012, 17:44   #16
Jimmy Iovine
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Are you ready professor?

Money be green!!!

"N*** you taking notes on a criminal ****ing conspiracy?! The **** is you thinking man?

This is technically not an actual clip from the show but it's one that I have been hoping would be made for ages. I never knew John Cena was in The Wire.

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03-02-2012, 01:19   #17
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18-02-2012, 18:00   #18
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Bodie's flower arrangement for D'Angelo is a classic.
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13-03-2012, 15:44   #19
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Originally Posted by Boscoirl View Post
McNulty's "British accent"

Is that not Dominic West's real voice??
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15-03-2012, 22:27   #20
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Great scene where Herc and Carver run into Bodie and Poot at the cinema, all with their girlfriends.

Awkward pause and then Bodie says "Herc and Carver here? They try to jack us every day!"
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16-03-2012, 00:19   #21
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Originally Posted by Flimbos View Post
Great scene where Herc and Carver run into Bodie and Poot at the cinema, all with their girlfriends.

Awkward pause and then Bodie says "Herc and Carver here? They try to jack us every day!"

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18-03-2012, 17:01   #22
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Originally Posted by theoneeyedman View Post
Is that not Dominic West's real voice??
not really, that's what makes it funny imo, it's an english actor playing an american character putting on a bad english accent - if that makes sense
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22-03-2012, 03:26   #23
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In series 5 when McNulty is doing the girl over the car bonnet, and the squad car pulls up. He flashes the badge and they leave him to it
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23-04-2012, 01:28   #24
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Something that always makes me laugh even though it follows something horrific is when Chris and Snoop are sent by Michael to get rid of his dad, and after Chris beats him to death outside the vacants Snoop just exclaims "fcuk, you didnt even wait to get him inside the house!" as Chris storms off.

This scene shows exactly how brilliant the show is, it takes something thats awful but an everyday occurance in Baltimore and gives it a dark sense of humour, and it tells us a lot about Chris, you can tell by his immediate reaction to Michael telling him but not telling him that he may have been abused that he went through the same thing himself, and takes out his anger on Michaels dad by caving his head in vicously.
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10-05-2012, 22:45   #25
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To me i remember absolutely pissing myself when I saw this first

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17-05-2012, 23:38   #26
Angus MacGyver
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29-11-2012, 21:54   #27
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Shocked no one has mentioned this...FBI profile serial killer !!
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02-12-2012, 12:08   #28
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There's a little moment that I didn't notice the first 6 or 7 times, and then someone pointed it out to me, where Jimmy has a clumsy fall while arresting Sergei in Season 2.
It looks like it was completely unintentional!
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09-01-2013, 22:47   #29
gaius c
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Originally Posted by Angus MacGyver View Post
That's mine too. So out of the blue!
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16-02-2013, 17:13   #30
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I can't see the vids above for some reason so don't know if this was mentioned. For me the funniest bit was when Kenard left the bag of dog s*** under the step and Colicchio came and put his hand into it thinking it was a stash. Classic.
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